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Each reading is different. All readings are done with clairvoyance. Allow me to provide a sacred space for your life journey to unfold. 


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Pastlife Reading

“Marbella has this incredible ability to intuitively read people. I went to her Pastlife Reading Tea Party on a whim without any expectations and was shocked (really really shocked!) when she identified the two biggest issues i’ve having recently. Seriously nobody could have known about these! Through her story of how I lived these issues in my past lives and lessons I can learn from them, I was able to gain clarity and see things from a new perspective to help me deal with these issues (in my current life!). Marbella is very gifted and I recommend you booking a session with her.”


Pastlife Reading

I got a private reading from Marbella about three men in my love life and got to hear about rich and delicate past lives with each of them that gave me the closure I needed to hear about the role of each one in my current life. Marbella did not try to tell me that this was definitely the future like some psychics do, but she gave me such a full and rich and detailed understanding of the past and the present that I felt supported and empowered by this knowledge to let these men go in the future unless they’d learned the lessons they needed to, and fit somehow in the vibration of my own self-love in the future. Marbella deeply understands the subtlety between free will and following fated patterns and soul contracts and I am so excited to have her be my go-to person on past lives!

– Lily

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