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3 Day Mushroom Therapy Training

$255 – 3 Day Course

It’s a 3 day mushroom therapy training for self-use and facilitation.

Applicable for leading group circles, private sessions with clients, and or friends/ family as well.

The first training session is about the therapeutic dosages, strains, and protocols.

The second training is an indigenous lens on how to use other earth medicines alongside a ceremony/session to guide the experience.

The third training is the trauma-informed lens on how to work with ptsd, adhd, autism, addiction, or any personality disorders, and post-ceremony integration follow-up sessions and what they include.

If this interests you, reach out by whatsapp/telegram (+66 83 991 5241) with any questions and see if this course is for you. 

mushroom therapy course

What’s Included

  • Answer questions from clients about safety and effectiveness.
  • Become familiar with psychedelic therapeutic approaches.
  • Understand indigenous practices and earth medicines that can be used as tools in a mushroom session.


    • Flight instructions
    • Supportive touch
    • Safety
    • Music
    • Creating a safe space


    • Principles of “trip sitting”
    • Directive vs. non-directive therapeutic approaches
    • Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS)
    • Navigating challenging experiences


    • Self-care tips
    • Spiritual bypass
    • Therapy
    • Integration practices

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