Plant Medicine Courses

Sacred Hongo Course

$150 – 2 Week Course Every Month

It’s a 2 week creative dose mushroom therapy class for self-use. 

Applicable for beginners and experienced imbibers.

The group class will include learning about different mushroom strains, the therapeutic protocols of solo journeying, and how to navigate a solo journey with breathwork, journaling, and intuitive movement. 

The second group call will be an integration call to share the experience of each individual and support the process for deeper post-care.

This container course is for both men and women.

If this interests you, reach out by whatsapp/telegram (+66 83 991 5241) with any questions and see if this course is for you. 

sacred hongo course

Plant Medicine Courses

1 Month Mushroom Facilitator Training

$455 – One Month Course This September 2024

It’s a 1 month mushroom therapy training for facilitation.

Applicable for leading group circles, private sessions with clients, and or friends/ family as well.

The training course is about the therapeutic dosages, strains, and protocols.

This also trains an indigenous lens on how to use other earth medicines alongside a ceremony/session to guide the experience.

Trauma-informed lens on how to work with ptsd, adhd, autism, addiction, or any personality disorders, and post-ceremony integration follow-up sessions and what they include.

If this interests you, reach out by whatsapp/telegram (+66 83 991 5241) with any questions and see if this training course is for you.

mushroom therapy course

What’s Included

  • Answer questions from clients about safety and effectiveness.
  • Become familiar with psychedelic therapeutic approaches.
  • Understand indigenous practices and earth medicines that can be used as tools in a mushroom session.


    • Flight instructions
    • Supportive touch
    • Safety
    • Music
    • Creating a safe space


    • Principles of “trip sitting”
    • Directive vs. non-directive therapeutic approaches
    • Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS)
    • Navigating challenging experiences


    • Self-care tips
    • Spiritual bypass
    • Therapy
    • Integration practices


    • 2 Hr Microdosing Circle
    • 3 Hr Creative Dose 1:1 session
    • 4 Hr Group Mushroom Session

Mushroom Therapy Gallery

Journey of Kambo

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