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Popular Past Life Reader & Psychic Development Coach!

Creating a community around psychic intuition in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and globally online.

A guide, mentor, healer, psychic, channel, author, youtuber, and a light worker podcastor!


I’m Marbella

What I Offer

Online Courses

These metaphysical courses are made for you to undertand and easily learn the diverse topics of chakras, crystals, and more.

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I’m a professional psychic reader and trained counselor. My readings go into past lives in trance and with divination tools such as cards, runes, and charms.

Most booked reading are past life readings!


As an author; I write e-books on full moon rituals, and personal spiritual awakening stories.

As a channel, I sell light language recordings that contribute to wellness.

What I Do

Teach Clairvoyance, Boost Intuition, & Facilitate Soul Retrieval

Facilitating Soul Retrieval

With a self hypnosis technique called “Timeline Repair”

What people say…

“Marbella is a fantastic gifted woman, and an excellent teacher. I would reccommend her to anyone. She is confident and knowledgeable about her work. Her energy and manner are so calm and grounded that she makes the practice seem natural and easy. She is so reassuring as a teacher there is no room for nerves or self doubt. She holds space for you to succeed and you succeed! This has helped me so much, I am now more in touch with my energetic body and I am developing a strong and trusting relationship with my intuition. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I am excited to see where it will take me next.”

Rachel Duguid

“Marbella has this incredible ability to intuitively read people. I went to her Pastlife Reading Tea Party on a whim without any expectations and was shocked (really really shocked!) when she identified the two biggest issues i’ve having recently. Seriously nobody could have known about these! Through her story of how I lived these issues in my past lives and lessons I can learn from them, I was able to gain clarity and see things from a new perspective to help me deal with these issues (in my current life!). Marbella is very gifted and I recommend you booking a session with her.”

Leanne Beesley

“Marbella is a great teacher! She has such a calm and collected energy which puts you into a state of ease. I am a student of her past life reading workshop and everything I have been taught has really helped me to centre and ground my energy. I am now able to protect and reclaim my energy every day. I am continuing my practice under Marbellas guidance and becoming more efficient at using my skills. I would highly recommend Marbellas workshops and any events she holds. You will always leave feeling centred, grounded and at peace. “

Tia Harding


These are sharing circles grounded in a 10 min meditation for the beginning portion. We have a theme of the week and we are pulling oracle cards and sharing from the heart what resonates in relation to the card as a starting point. Surrounded in a group of likeminded individuals, we hold space and create meaningful friendships.

Each circle is about 40 mins long, and is free for first timers and if you bring a new friend each time, your entry will be free.

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