Marbella Hybrid

Professional Psychic & Sacred Medicine Facilitator

Marbella is a latina curandera. Her healing specialty is working with Rapecito, Kambocito, Mushrooms, and Iboga medicinas.

She is a gentle and strong feminine force in ceremony and online she reads tarot in sacred space for people globally. 

Marbella Hybrid


Sessions with Marbella!



Online 45 min reading session, healing space for gaining insight & guidance. 


Plant Medicine Ceremony

Rapecito, Kambocito, Mushroom, and Iboga ceremonies.

Plant Medicine Tools

Medicine Shop

Rapecito and Kuripes. Other ceremonial tools and mushroom microdosing capsules.

Marbella hybrid

Mushroom Services

Microdosing Coaching & Therapeutic Ceremonies


Psychic Advisor

What I do & What Clients Say

My readings are clear, direct, and will leave you with a sense of focus in your life. You may find me giving you the advise that many are afraid to give you. With a friendly approach, I will give you a realistic point of view that makes tomorrow a better place.

"Marbella is very wise and her readings have a deep understanding of what’s salient and other issues such as transgenerational patterns that can show up in a client’s life. She offer guidance to break unhealthy patterns, which is liberating."-Sherry

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Marbella hybrid

“Marbella is amazing! Very calming energy and accurate reading. She was really insightful. Highly recommend getting a reading from her.” -Rachel

"Marbella was able to tap into specific things that are currently happening to me. She guides the reading wisely and listens to what you have to say with an open heart. Recommend!"-Mayara

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Plant Medicine

I work with indigenous medicines for the mental, physical, and spiritual healing of a person. These medicines include rapeh, kambo, mushrooms, and iboga. Please read more about these ceremonies. 

Marbella Hybrid

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+66 83 991-5241

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