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Popular Past Life Reader & Clairvoyant Healing Coach!

Creating a community around psychic intuition in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and globally online in group clairvoyant training.

One on one, monthly coaching is available. Contact me by email


What I Offer

Online Courses

These metaphysical courses are made for you to undertand and easily learn the diverse topics of chakras, crystals, and more.

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I’m a professional psychic reader and trained counselor. My readings go into past lives in trance and with divination tools such as cards, runes, and charms.

I also provide one on one emotional healing sessions as a monthly coaching service!


As an author; I write e-books on full moon rituals, and personal spiritual awakening stories.

As a channel, I sell light language recordings that contribute to wellness.

What I Do

Teach Clairvoyance, Boost Intuition, & Guide Emotional Healing As A Coach

What people say…

8 reviews for 30 Min Tarot Reading

  1. Mayara

    Marbella was able to tap into specific things that are currently happening to me. She guides the reading wisely and listens to what you have to say with an open heart.

  2. Lizzy

    I have just had my third session with Marbella and every session brings me such a sense of joy, inner peace and clarity. Her instinct and insight into my life has helped me make so many positive changes in the last few months that I would not have made without her help. I feel more self confident, energised and at ease with myself and where my life is going. She has a gift and I could not recommend her highly enough. Thank you for all the work you do Marbella!

  3. Tara

    I have gained so much insight through the reading that Marbella did for me. Some insights were confirmations of what I already knew to be true in my heart, but wasn’t yet ready to follow… until now. Other cards popping up showed me exciting new paths to explore, which Marbella made sure were perfectly aligned with who I am and what I need.♡

  4. Janie

    Marbella is an incredibly gifted intuitive. She’s a beautiful soul who always has deep insights to share. She’s clearly done a lot of work in a wide variety of modalities which she brings into her readings. I highly recommend working with her.

  5. Aimee

    I had my reading with Marbella last week, and the shift in energy is immense! I feel vibrant, full of pleasure, full of thirst for life. We shifted a lot in only 30 mins, the cards did the work and card after can rang true with even ringing in my ears. Thank you so much!

  6. Sherry K.

    Marbella is very wise and her readings have a deep understanding of what’s salient and other issues such as transgenerational patterns that can show up in a client’s life. She offer guidance to break unhealthy patterns, which is liberating.

  7. Trisha Jo Dumayas

    I LOVED the reading that Marbella did for me. She is so incredibly aligned and gifted with spirit. She read my current state of life so accurately with every single card and how she described it. I’m so grateful for the insight, guidance, confirmation, and reassurance I gained.

    Another thing that I have always loved about working with Marbella is her calm and peaceful energy. I can just be there, present, in the moment while she’s doing a reading and I feel so safe! 🙂

  8. Selica Dingson

    Thank you so much for my card reading! It’s amazing how much it’s tied into my life situations. You’re awesome! 💕 would definitely do another reading with you soon!

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