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The purpose of this site is to benefit humanity.

We are in times of deep unveiling. I hope my shared experience can trigger you to remember and love more of yourself. We are all connected.

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The time of unconscious living is behind us. We need more revitalizing energy inside us now. Learn how to manage the energy that affects you daily with an effortless mindset and meditative practice. Grow to love the process of finding peace. Let meditation help you learn to be more of yourself. Schedule a private session with me from anywhere in the world you may be.  

Beginning Meditation

Learn to enter a mindful state with breathing techniques like the “Breath Spiral”. Learn about grounding yourself and how to sense the energy around you.

Advanced Meditation

Learn about the Tree of Life Meditation, Hand Healing, and Energy Manipulation. This is a natural ability every human has. Use it to improve your life.

Trance Meditation

We talk about Portal Jumping, Past Life Regression, and how to connect with the Akashic Records for infinite knowledge and wisdom.

What people are saying

“Upon meeting Marbella, we had an instant connection. Like a long lost sister. I’m sure we knew each other in another life.

The conversation flowed a little too easily, as she fluently told me about the existence of parallel realities, dimensions, and the flow of energy. In the short time that we knew each other, she effortlessly taught me an abundance of things. She’s unforgettably influencial. She left a mark in my life, to helping to elevate me to the next spiritual level- I didn’t even know that I needed, and will continue to do so as she enters the life of any other individual she meets!”


Chef Student, Vermont, U.S

“I started practicing meditation after a talk with Marbella. She recommended me to begin meditation because of my stressed life. I’m also an empath who takes in a lot of energy from others around me. She showed me an easy way to do it, and carefully instructed me. She has great tips on how to meditate and I have been able to practice it on my own after. Starting meditation has really improved my life. I’m less stressed and it’s a lot easier for me to filter energy from others. I feel more calm and light minded.”

Anna Lisa

Kindergarten Supervisor, Norway

“Marbella is an amazing meditation instructor, but also she is really good in knowing what you need and helping you achieve through different tools. I highly recommend her to guide you in your spiritual journey.”

Gisele Oliveira

Business Marketer, Legendary Life

“A cozy evening around a fire, Marbella showed me some tips on how to preform breathing exercises. I have always heard of many different methods on how to perform such exercises, but the method Marbella showed me was very simple and straightforward. I use this method all the time since it’s so easy to do.”


Entrepreneur, Norway

“I won a contest that Marbella was running and have had the opportunity to have a couple sessions with Marbella. In those sessions I have been nothing but impressed with the maturity and wisdom that Marbella exudes in everything Marbella does. The ease of understanding and level of security Marbella provides in potentially uncomfortable growth moments is second to none. As one of my peers I could not be more impressed with Marbella who is simply being who Marbella is in everything Marbella does. It’s easy for me to write this recommendation as I feel as though if I needed someone to go to on occasion, Marbella is the top of list.”

Jim Carter

Master Shaman, United States

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