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Psychic Advisor and Retreat Host

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What I Do

My readings are clear, direct and will leave you with a sense of focus in your life. You may find me giving you the advice that many are afraid to give you. With a friendly approach, I will give you a realistic point of view that makes tomorrow a better place.

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Tarot Maserclass
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What I Offer

Online Courses

Check out the tarot masterclass series. Learn to read the tarot with out memorizing the traditional meanings and get accurate and spot on readings every time. 

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I’m a professional psychic reader and trained counselor. I have a warm presence with an open mind to all struggles and situations. My card readings are accurate and on point.

I provide group retreats on psychic training, indigenous plant, and animal medicine through out the year! Contact me for further information.



There are many free resources as well on my podcast from full moon readings to meditations.

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Professional Psychic!



Readings For Relationship, Business, Or Self Discovery Journey.

Wellness Retreat Host!

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Group Retreats and Private Plant Medicine Ceremonies.

What people say…

Client in Plant (Rapeh) Ceremony

Client in Plant (Rapeh) Ceremony

Joanne Genoza

This energy transformational coach has experienced many grounding meditation ceremonies with me. Where we commune with one of the most powerful healing medicines in all of the Brazilian Amazon! From the Katukina, Yawanawa, and Huni Kuin peoples, that medicine is most commonly known of as Rap’eh.

Rap’eh is incredibly powerful, and is used traditionally to bring deep connections and peace between people, as well as to facilitate connection between humans and mother nature. It is ultimately a spirit medicine, where we learn to communicate with the plants directly, asking for guidance and clarity, and to develop a deeper gratitude for our our lives and the lives of those around us.

Where we dive into intuition and different psychic abilities! From clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience, and a few more as we work on all levels to improve and hone in on your inner guidance. Psychic abilities that can help you in your career, relationships, and major life decisions.

Client in Psychic Training

Client in Psychic Training

Monique Lindner

This holistic high performance coach has experienced a full three week psychic training course with me on the medium of tarot as a divination tool. 

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