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Professional Psychic, Plant Medicine Facilitator, & IBS Emotional Regulation Coach

Marbella is a latina curandera. Her healing specialty is working with Rapecito, Kambocito, Mushrooms, and Iboga medicinas. As well as, breathwork, somatic movement, and self massage practices.

She is a gentle and strong feminine force in ceremony and online she reads tarot in sacred space for people globally. And leads healing coaching containers for individuals that are suffering from IBS or other gut issues. 

Marbella Hybrid

Sessions with Marbella!

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Plant Medicine Courses

Online and in person plant medicine courses.

Facilitator Trainings

And Sacred Hongo Online Containers


Healing IBS Coaching

Emotional Regulation 3 Month Coaching Program. Dedicated 1:1 support!


Medicine Shop

Rapecito and Kuripes. Other ceremonial tools and mushroom microdosing capsules.

Marbella hybrid

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Retreats & Therapeutic Ceremonies

What Clients Say…

Medicine Ceremonies, Retreats, and Workshops

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"After trying psilocybin for the first time in Marbella's supportive microdosing circle and researching the science behind the potential benefits, I decided to try a one month protocol of one microdose every 3rd day. I can't speak highly enough of the experience - whilst not a 'miracle cure-all', the effect on my mood, motivation, creativity, and self- image has been noticeable. The biggest change has been increased empathy to others and kindness to myself. I have been reading other people's moods better and been better able to support them, as well as speaking to myself with far more kindness and fairness instead of the very critical, negative self-talk I had been using." -Lou, US

“So I have experienced the ceremony and I would say it was terrific. The facilitator Marbella was very attentive and nurturing. There was dancing, group dynamics of sharing, voice and expression as much as a delicious meal together. I felt embraced and definitely had a good time feeding my relations and soul. So many details that made the experience very unique and satisfying. Thank you very much.” - Fernanda, Brazil

"The ceremonies were such a heart opening experience. The community created in such a short time with strangers was so nourishing to my soul. I felt held and supported as we connected shared our voices. It was the beauty of embodiment. Reminding me of my magic as I saw it reflected in the other. And the food was delicious! Thank you Marbella for creating this experience.” - Jackie, US

“Thoughtful program… softly paced with easy connections in the gathering. Highly recommend if you’re angry, shutdown, closed hearted & in need of healing spaciousness. Good energy & creative place with a lovely group, experienced trusted, safe sharing with supportive resonance, natural medicine & polyvagal tuning Lunch was a huge YUM Well worth exploration. Grateful to Marbella & all who gathered with authenticity & openness.” - Julia, US

Plant Medicine retreats


I work with indigenous medicines for the mental, physical, and spiritual healing of a person. These medicines include rapeh, kambo, mushrooms, and iboga. Please read more about these ceremonies. 

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Iboga Plant Medicine Benefits

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