Clairvoyant Mentor-

I use my intuition with everything I do.

I enjoy running my meditation space in Chiang Mai Thailand. I have worked and learned so much about trauma healing from TRE mentors, breathwork providers, and holding sacred space within indigenious medicine ceremonies.

Marbella Hybrid

I live a quiet life filled with personal evolution. You can often find me cooking simple but tasty meals in the kitchen, doing water color paintings or gourd art in my livingroom in the mornings, and working from beautiful cafes and from home doing sacred reading sessions, or planning my next retreat here in thailand in the afternoon. To get updated on all my current retreats, reading offers, and plant medicine workshops, sign up to my newsletter, where I update once a month.

My Psychic Story

How I Got Started

I took a meditation class at a psychic institute during my first year in community college. I felt so at ease there, and the instructor understood me and my experiences. At eight-teen I was invited into a clairvoyant program. This program trained me to manipulate the energy around me and helped build confidence in my abilities. During the day I would attend college classes and do homework. And, three nights out of the week I would participate in psychic readings and energy classes. I felt like I was living a sacred double life and I liked it. I had balance in my life. The psychic institute felt like my own Hogwarts. I graduated from the clairvoyant program and still use some of the teachings I learned from then. 


Marbella Hybrid
Marbella Hybrid
marbella hybrid
marbella hybrid

My Plant Medicine Story

How I Got Started

My introduction to plant medicine was though Maxwell Honey, he facilitated a powerful kambo ceremony for me in Chiang Mai Thailand. It was a very healing and grounding experience filled with insight to how my body was neglected and mistreated from supressed emotions that made me numb to what I needed. The more I worked with Kambo and rapeh, the deeper my relationship to my body grew. I loved myself more, took better care of myself by changing my diet and connecting to my emotions on a level I never thought possible. Soon I felt the call to serve these medicines. And now I do from the training of Max and his over a decade experience of serving these medicines and learning from the tribes people directly.

These plant medicines have helped me heal from childhood traumas, to feeling like I am in the best health of my life. I am so grateful for this path and the love, connection and healing it’s bringing to my life and those around me.

“Marbella is a great teacher! She has such a calm and collected energy which puts you into a state of ease. I am a student of her past life reading workshop and everything I have been taught has really helped me to centre and ground my energy. I am now able to protect and reclaim my energy every day. I am continuing my practice under Marbellas guidance and becoming more efficient at using my skills. I would highly recommend Marbellas workshops and any events she holds. You will always leave feeling centred, grounded and at peace. “

Tia Harding

“Marbella is a fantastic gifted woman, and an excellent teacher. I would reccommend her to anyone. She is confident and knowledgeable about her work. Her energy and manner are so calm and grounded that she makes the practice seem natural and easy. She is so reassuring as a teacher there is no room for nerves or self doubt. She holds space for you to succeed and you succeed! This has helped me so much, I am now more in touch with my energetic body and I am developing a strong and trusting relationship with my intuition. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and I am excited to see where it will take me next.”

Rachel Duguid

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