I’m Marbella Barajas

Intuitive Healer & Rune Caster

The Runes Give Excellent Advice!

Powerful 8 Psychic Rune Reading can be the choice that gives you direction and confirmation.

A Story and Praise from a Client!

Thank you so much! I’m so excited for the opportunity that you were talking about, that should come up in the next 3 weeks. I’ll keep my eyes open! And you have my permission to make it a public video. You are so talented!

The Runes were Casted for Cat

My Story With The Runes

Psychic Intuition Guides Me Into The Unknown

The runes started calling me in my dreams a year ago. I would see these celtic symbols, etched into my dreams and while I was awake during the day. At first I didn’t understand their meaning, so I researched what they were and scoped books on them.

I soon found that I didn’t need to look up the meanings to the runes, because the patterns of their shape would play like a story in my head. My clairvoyance began to decode their meaning.

Now I understand that my shaman abilities have joined and connected with the divination tool of the runes. Thus making me a RUNE CASTER!

Rune Readings will be video recorded, and sent via email.

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