My Story With The Runes

Psychic Intuition Guides Me Into The Unknown

The runes started calling me in my dreams a year ago. I would see these celtic symbols, etched into my dreams and while I was awake during the day. At first I didn’t understand their meaning, so I researched what they were and scoped books on them.

I soon found that I didn’t need to look up the meanings to the runes, because the patterns of their shape would play like a story in my head. My clairvoyance began to decode their meaning.

Now I understand that my shaman abilities have joined and connected with the divination tool of the runes. Thus making me a RUNE CASTER!

A Story and Praise from a Client!

Thank you so much! I’m so excited for the opportunity that you were talking about, that should come up in the next 3 weeks. I’ll keep my eyes open! And you have my permission to make it a public video. You are so talented!

The Runes were Casted for Cat

Rune readings will be video recorded, and sent via email or done over zoom call.

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