It all started with my childhood.

I wasn’t the typical Barbie girl, though I did have Barbies. I knew certain things without knowing why I knew them, and the thing that stood out the most was the feeling that I was meant to save a lot of people. I was meant to change the world. I didn’t understand my body and its limitations. I would have dreams where I could fly, move things with my mind, and other impossible things that I couldn’t do when I woke up. So, for that reason, I gave up on magic when I was eleven years old. But then again, my life would be introduced to the impossible and I couldn’t help but believe again. My most read blog post describes some of these impossible experiences.

At school, I would try to fit in, and at home, I would be the obedient child. However, in my free time, I would see and talk to spirits. I would see floating energy and feel other’s thoughts and emotions. And around others, I would have to pretend to be normal and ignore everything. Deep down I knew if I ever told anyone, they wouldn’t understand. So, for years I practiced being normal and that would have worked if I hadn’t turned thirteen. What people buy the most is my book and private readings. I wish I had resources like these at that point in my life. Let’s Just say high school was a wild and chaotic time in my life. 

College Life

I took a meditation class at a psychic institute during my first year in community college. I felt so at ease there, and the instructor understood me and my experiences. At eight-teen I was invited into the clairvoyant program. This program trained me to manipulate the energy around me and helped build confidence in my abilities. During the day I would attend college classes and do homework. And, three nights out of the week I would participate in psychic readings and energy classes. I felt like I was living a sacred double life and I liked it. I had balance in my life. The psychic institute felt like my own Hogwarts.

While being on my own with my black cat years later studying at a university across the country, I started to do a lot of self-reflection. My time consisted of watching more spiritual YouTube channels than actual tv shows. I’ve even started my own YouTube channel. I also began to eat cleaner foods. I ate more veggies than meat or frozen foods. Eventually, I became a vegetarian. The mental cleanses from stopping tv show binges and junk food habits allowed my spirit to gain more power. Therefore, I began to make connections from my past to the present on who I am and what I came on earth to do.


I began to practice more self-love, after train wrecks of soulmate relationships. I started to get connected to the universe more often and I would see repeating numbers. I would see 11:11 a lot and shortly after 2 weeks of seeing this master number, I started talking to my twin flame on Instagram. I am not joking you, this person is just like me but different. He understands the energy shifts of the planet and believes me when I talk about feeling other people’s emotions.

We both have strong spiritual paths to making a change on this planet and we fell in love with each other almost instantly. He lives in Norway and that is where I am now. I continue to discover more about myself and heal more of myself. However, now I have a spiritual Viking to go through it all.

The connections were made by discovering that I am an empath, stargate-portal, alien queen from another planet, telepath, and connected to everything/ everyone for the upliftment of humanity. If you want to join a private tribe of astral travelers, like my FB Page MarbellaHybrid.


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