Historic sites not only have the energy of people that have recently visited it, but old generational energy that has infused itself into the portal location of the site. Historic sites are vortexes of energy. They hold a vibration unique to the history of the location.

Empath’s can feel the presence of these energy vibrations as soon as stepping into the area of the site. Some types of ways they can pick up on this energy are physically, emotionally, and abstractly.

#1 Physical Sensation

The physical way an empath can detect energy is by the physical body having a reaction. The body may get chills, and goosebumps that will show. But most importantly the “sensation of energy flowing through the body” is felt when they get the chills. It can be semi equivalent to an orgasm. The feeling of nerves throughout the body being triggered by a strong unseen force.

Energy can definitely affect the body, any body, but it is the body of an empath that can distinguish the energy as its own. Other physical reactions can be sharp pain in a part of the body that wouldn’t normally experience pain.

For example, pressure in the head, stabbing shoulder pain, lower back pain, chest pressure, etc. This is not rare, this is actually quite common for an empath to experience. This also explains the high pain tolerance for a person that is an empath. Now, when I say “pain”, I don’t mean excruciating pain. However, at times it may very well be short moments of excruciating pain.

Let me paint a picture.

The majority of the time it can feel like the body is encased in a bubble, and during moments of the day, the bubble will face something that will brush past it, and scratch it. It is the bubble that got scratched, not the person. The constant pain empath’s feel on the body is like “sharp pressure”, than bone biting pain. As I use the metaphor of a bubble, I am describing the energetic space a person has. Everyone has an energetic space, aka aura.

No worries though, not everyone is an empath. Therefore, a person’s energetic space that can pick up on stuff and aren’t empaths, are called sensitives.

#2 Emotional Sensation

The emotional way an empath can detect energy is by sensing a certain emotion at the historical site. They themselves may not need to act it out to feel it, but nonetheless its evident to them that the historical site has a certain emotion.

This can be experienced externally by feeling the emotion outside of them (detecting it from the bubble). Or, the emotion can be acted out personally by the empath. Whether it be sorrow, envy, anger, elation, giggles, gluttony, and even seduction. Empaths are emotional sponges, they are constantly absorbing energy all the time.

So in order for the fellow empath to gain some stability, they construct a certain “reflex” to what they absorb. The reflex can unconsciously determine whether or not it is safe to embody the emotion in their energetic space or not. This is what makes empaths nearly equivalent to a super computer.

The amount of information an empath is filtering out a day is incomprehensible. For an empath to absorb and process and then still live a functional life is having the heart of a hero.  The constant processing of emotion makes them excellent detectors of energy at historical sites.

#3 Abstract Sensation

The abstract way an empath can detect energy is by accessing their psychic intuition of clairvoyance. Some may be wondering… “well isn’t empathy a psychic ability?” The answer is… not exactly.

Not every psychic is an empath, but every empath is psychic. The psychic ability used most often by an empath whether they are aware of it or not is clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see the unseen world with your minds eye and at times your physical eye.

Clairvoyance is deeply rooted in the unconscious mind for an empath if they do not meditate or have a spiritual practice. The abstract way of detecting energy is by getting an image of something and forgetting where it came from, so they think that they just always knew. That is the unconscious empath abstract detection.

A conscious empath abstract detection can be experienced by seeing a being without a body and having them telepathically tell you or show you information about the historical site. A being without a body doesn’t always have to be an earth bound spirit. It can be a being that has never had a body before and comes from a different dimension. It can also be a being that holds part of your higher self. Empaths are multi-dimensional. This may seem very far out there, but it is possible to experience the world this way.

I share these 3 perspectives of the umbrella term that is EMPATH. I hope you take this information as something to ponder, and not identify with. You know if your an empath, or not. However, its important to discover the true aspects of ourselves, and get educated. Each path is unique!

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