Professional Web Designer

Marbella Barajas

Creating beautiful sites, allowing you to share your gifts with the world.

I’m A Spirited Holistic Web Designer!

I love bringing your dreams into reality, turning ideas into a solid plan.


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This is a collection of work from other sites I’ve created.

Bolo’s Tail-Blog

Marbella, you are an amazing woman! What a wonderful thing you are doing to help others fulfill their dreams. I love the website you’ve created for me.Thank you so much for your great design, attention to detail, professionalism and over all kindness. I’m so grateful to you and couldn’t be happier!”

Kelly Denise Wyatt

Are you a client that can’t afford an advanced site?

  • Do you have a passion you want to share?
  • Do you need a simple portfolio site?
  • Do you only want a home page with a few links?

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