As a being of infinite consciousness, you may find that the human experience is filled with many challenges. These 3 reasons why trauma from past lives need healing, are important to your mission on earth. Time is a flexible point of awareness, it can move fast or slow. Therefore, it can be warped in this present moment. Our bodies are intelligent enough to shift our brain waves to frequencies that can manipulate time.

In the present moment one can go to a past life and experience moments of that reality. It’s important to understand the responsibility that this knowledge brings. There may be moments where your other selves call out and you experience a memory of another life. The awareness to distinguish between realities, gives you the power to travel between time. 

As a cosmic being coming into the awareness of who and what you are, you accelerate the process of your soul mission. One soul mission is to heal in all aspects, this will require you to send love and support to your other lives. These may be past lives or future lives. If you have felt the call to find inner healing, I am here to reassure you that access to inter-dimensional travel is available. This ability is not to be misused, but placed in the hands of those that are ready to carry out their healing mission. 

First Reason Why Trauma From Past Lives Need Healing

One reason this mission is being unlocked now is because of the veil thinning. The veils between the 3rd and 4th dimensions are integrating during this time. Every few years the veils thin and offer the opportunity for souls to activate into their mission. As the veil thins, the walls to other realities begin to seep into your awareness. Memories of another life while listening to music, meeting new people, or hearing loud sounds. These memories are a cry for help, ‘you’ in another life is being shown to you, to lend out assistance.

When these experiences happen, understand that you can close your eyes and go to them in your mind. Those are the moments where you offer love and support.

Trust your heart to guide what message you need to give. When you finish, open your eyes and go about the rest of your day. 

This body is a vessel for healing, growth, and communication. These experiences integrate the many realities that are fractalized within you. The many pieces that are fractalized within all of us. The more we flow with this healing, the more all of us become aware of our oneness. This mission however is not supposed to disturb your human life, but create a balance between dimensions.

Second Reason Why Trauma From Past Lives Need Healing

The second reason we must heal our past lives is to practice the skill of our multidimensional connection. Our connection to all stems within us, the more we heal our other selves, the more the love and joy will spread between dimensions. You can influence other planes of existence by becoming aware of your power in this present moment. Practicing the skill of connecting to your other selves can train your body and brain to think in a multidimensional way. Meditation and deep breathing are great tools for this. Allowing you to overcome fear, anger, sadness, or frustration faster than ever before. 

Emotions play a big role in our ability to inter-dimensionally travel. Emotions are power sources, harnessing any one emotion can influence the direction of your actions. That is why governments, large corporations, and cults have learned to master the art of emotional manipulation. Emotion is power, and the more you own your emotions and not let them get influenced by external reality, the more power you have to create your reality. Modern day 3rd dimensional reality capitalizes on the harvest of human emotion.

When you become aware of energy and start to live life more 4th dimensionally, you notice some things are a waste of your time or energy. That is because you are realizing that energy and emotion and well being is power. 

When we heal our past or future selves, we practice being sovereign. We understand that we are connected to every moment ever existed or soon to exist.  We alone can claim that power within us, and the more we do, the more we become creators of our reality. Inner healing is a power that has been suppressed or belittled. Inner healing is the most freeing experience one can give themselves at any moment of the day. Self love is a challenge but it is the work that brings the greatest rewards. 

Third Reason Why Trauma From Past Lives Need Healing

The third reason it is important to heal from past lives is because of its ability to level up the human body. The codes of our existence are in our DNA, and as we heal and grow, our bodies change and activate more of our conscious awareness. This ability to inter-dimensionally travel to the past or the future is a training tool for our awareness to expand. The more we use and live in the 4th dimension, the easier it will be to reach the 5th dimension. The work you put into this human mission of healing, the more your awareness expands to different dimensions. 

Human bodies are amazing pieces of technology, it’s the best kept secret in the cosmos. The more you appreciate your body, the better it can activate and assist you for your soul mission. Our bodies have everything we could possibly need to do the things we need to do in this life. As you become aware of your other selves in different realities, you notice that the body is a tool. Nothing more and nothing less, thus it’s important to take care of it and allow it to service us in the ways we need. As our minds and hearts frequency expands, we will notice the shift in our bodies with various vibrations of heaviness or lightness. 

This is the recalibration of us shifting through different dimensions/realities. The realities we live in are all a little similar to one another, but you will catch little differences everyday if you pay attention. Soon you will realize that everyday feels different, and this is the result of the inter-dimensional travel ability that is taking place currently. You not only consciously go to a different past or future in your mind, but unconsciously you are portaling to different realities everyday with your body.

As you become more aware of the healing you are doing, you will be able to choose what reality you want to live in. It’s a slow process to gain confidence and awareness, but it’s a part of your mission to become more self aware. 

Follow your heart and intuition, build a relationship with synchronicity and signs. These are the abnormalities in your reality that will guide you to gaining more awareness. Know that everything is happening for a reason, this is the 4th dimensional way of thinking. Spread love in every aspect, smile to a stranger, stare at your reflection with adoring eyes, hug loved ones, uplift your friends and family, verbalize your truth in person, on social media, and telepathically to the world.

Your energy is a high vibrational currency that is to be used wisely. Protect it and share is as you see fit. You are a powerful soul having a human experience. Remember you are here for a reason.  

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