Many of us were raised with certain programming. When we were kids someone told us what to do, what to believe, and what we should expect. However, when we get older we start to go against the programming or stick to it like law. Now, as adults, we are expected to make our own decisions and some of those decisions are based off old programming. As adults we can change the programming and put in our own.

So, how does childhood programmin have anything to do with intuition? Well, when we first start to build trust with ourselves and our intuition, it can be a slow process because of our old programming. For example, were you ever emotionally abused as a child? Most of the time the answer is yes. The truth of the matter is that you as a soul chose this programming in order to heal and change it. However, I’m jumping the gun a bit now…. How do we heal and change it?

This is done by trusting and following your intuition. The human brain is so powerful, it takes mental discipline to form conditioned pathways in following your inner knowing. Old programming might block you from reaching your goals. This may result in making you think to live and behave a certain way, but your intuition will guide you towards actualization.

When someone tells you to follow your intuition, what does that entail?

  • Do you listen to the inner voice in your head?
  • Do you listen to your gut feeling about something?
  • Do you follow signs or synchronizations?

Tips on Building Trust with Your Intuition

The absolute first step in building trust with your intuition is to test it. How do you do this?….well, you have to practice going outside of your comfort zone.

For example, you may be an introvert and like to spend lots of time inside, however you get a feeling to go for a walk. So you follow it, here you are going outside and walking down passed a couple of houses. Out of nowhere you get the strong fear of being uncomfortable and want to go back inside (this is the old programing in play), now here is where we practice a technique I call “the observant mind”.

We will observe that there is a bodily urge to go back home and let it go. If you can not stop thinking about going back home, it is okay, continue walking. Have a goal in mind before leaving the house, as in walking to the forest, park, or store. Now the real test in overcoming your discomfort, is completing the goal and continuing to walk more.

This is mental discipline. Period. Following your intuition is the most valuable tool you have, it can lead you to places you never thought imaginable. Following your intuition is making decisions from the heart and knowingness. Practicing the mental tool of “the observant mind” can help you avoid fear based decisions. It’s a tool that builds resilience.

Messages for your Intuition

Outside forces or the higher self may be giving us nudges and signs for our intuition to interpret. These messages can be in synchronized moments with words or pictures appearing to you that have meaning. It’s up to your intuition to take action or not.

The messages will not stop coming, so you don’t have to worry about never running into some. However, if you don’t trust your intuition, then you won’t know what to do about seeing these messages. These messages push us to live our best lives, and they are coming in hot with force.

What do I mean by that?….well, the energies of the universe want us to evolve, so anything that doesn’t fall in alignment with your highest good will turn sour. It is up to you to follow your intuition and make decisions out of love. Fear based decisions are turning so sour. If you continue to go down a path where you live in constant worry and fear, you will not thrive in this new world of change.

It’s time to follow your intuition and lead with love. It’s your souls mission to heal the old programming, and that includes programming from other lives. It’s a long journey, however, you are not alone. You were never alone, start building trust with your intuition today.

-Marbella Barajas

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