When people start experiencing a spiritual awakening, they are most likely going through an energy shift. Well, what is an energy shift? It can be best described as either a chaos of unbalanced emotions, or a settling of powerful intuition increased by your awareness.

Energy shifts can be experienced through a whole spectrum of unpleasant emotions to the most amazing feelings of peace and love. But the main point is that energy shifts are centered around feelings!

The most transformation happens when we are in the middle of an energy shift. Some people may wonder, “Does an energy shift just happen? OR Does it occur from something I do?”. They most definitely occur based on what we do. 

Now the next question is not, “ what can I do to not have a chaotic energy shift?”, it is, “what are the things that influence your behavior?”. This is the awareness part.

Are you being aware that certain moon phases influence your behavior?

Are you aware that certain people influence your behavior?

Are you aware that your workplace influences your behavior?

Are you aware that certain music/movies/tv-shows influence your behavior?

An energy shift is also the reaction your soul has with your life choices. The human body gives and receives like antennas when it comes to energy. We absorb what we consume whether it be food or media. And depending on its frequency it can make us feel good or bad. However we must not forget that each feeling serves a purpose.

Positive energy shifts can be blissful, the feeling of being connected to yourself or your purpose. Everything inside you and around you seems to align. Your body feels lighter, and opportunities or plans work out in an effortless manner.

Whereas negative energy shifts can make you feel heavy, stuck, and miserable. Life seems like it keeps throwing you the same horrible situation over and over again.  Or no matter how hard you try, you keep attracting shitty outcomes.

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So now we can ask the question, “what can I do to not have a chaotic energy shift?”

First things first! Chaotic energy shifts are not to be ignored or suppressed. These negative energy shifts are actually the best to have if you want to make the most transformation. 

The way to bring a transformative experience through a negative energy shift is to see the energy shift as something that is happening FOR you and not TO you. You are not the victim. You make life choices to get you to where you are now, and in the same respect, you can make life choices to get where you want to go.

Embrace the chaos, find awareness as to what it has to teach you. Once you get the answer as to what the lesson is, you can start to re-evaluate what your allowing to influence you (food/media/people/work). This is also called shadow work….

Now that you’ve embraced the chaos, and have awareness on what the lesson is, and have re-evaluated your consumption. You can start to transform and move into the positive energy shift by making choices out of love instead of fear. This is an important step!

When you follow your heart, excitement, and passion, you start to vibrate at a high frequency! This high frequency is where positive energy shifts exist. When we trust ourselves to follow our passions, our intuition magnifies. Thus, why positive energy shifts are a booster for powering your intuition. They happen more often than you think, however depending on your awareness of the influences in your life, varies on how long that positive state can last. 

A great way to keep strong awareness is to practice mindfulness and meditation. We control our energy shifts. Start setting intentions for your preferred energy shift and follow it with action (life choices).

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You are more powerful than you can imagine, life is a journey where you get to remember that. Take all that life has to offer and make your reality what you want. Energy shifts are a part of life, weld them to your advantage. Choose to transform! Or be stuck in a loop, its your choice.

But remember life is short, so choose wisely. 🙂

Blessed be!


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