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Empowering Experiences

Pastlife readings can bring clairity to your current life! Clients say, “Marbella’s pastlife reading was truly wonderful. She gave me insight on 3 of my pastlives, which were spot-on and totally 100% insync with my current life. The reading not only gives you an insight into the past but also helps you to understand why you are the way you are, today. It also helps you to tune into what you need to focus on in this life. It gives you a little bit of direction which is great if your feeling a little lost.” -Jess

Online Private Reading

Pricing & Info

  • Group Reading  —  $30
  • Private Reading  — Starting at $62

Side Note: Group readings are only available during a certian time of the week. While private readings can be schedualed into my calendar instantly.


What They Say

“I tend to be a bit skeptical about these types of experiences, but a friend recommended that I do a past life reading with Marbella, and I am totally convinced.

Throughout the reading she would casually mention thing I am dealing with in my life, and would casually mention themes that are running through my life right now. She even talked about a specific revelation that I had just had, and she casually knew that it had recently happened in my life.

I am often skeptical but Marbella is the real deal. You could feel the energy shift when she started the reading, and she was completely accurate with everything she said about my life, even though she never even opened her eyes or attempted to read my responses. It was a fantastic experience.” -Hugh

“As a bit of a skeptic who has never done a reading before, I went in not knowing what to expect. But Marbella has such a pure, calm, and supportive energy that I knew if ever I was going to do something like this, she would be the one to offer the most meaningful experience.

Her reading has given me much to think about, including understanding why I am the way I am, repeated patterns and behaviors, and how I can better navigate my path moving forward. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to gain a deeper insight into themselves – go in with an open mind and just trust.” -Yoko

“Thank you Marbella. Today’s past lives reading was extremely powerful for me.

I’ve never done something like this before and went in skeptical yet open to anything…

… I have to say I’m actually shocked at how accurate your insights were to exactly what’s been going on in my experience at this point in my life!

I think everyone (including skeptics like me) should take the opportunity to have a reading with you.” -Carl

“Marbella has this incredible ability to intuitively read people. I went to her Pastlife Reading Tea Party on a whim without any expectations and was shocked (really really shocked!) when she identified the two biggest issues i’ve having recently. Seriously nobody could have known about these!

Through her story of how I lived these issues in my past lives and lessons I can learn from them, I was able to gain clarity and see things from a new perspective to help me deal with these issues (in my current life!). Marbella is very gifted and I recommend you booking a session with her.” -Leanne

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