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I draw tarot cards for 4 types of moods (Joy, Lust, Irritation, and Sadness). If your in one or more of these moods then read that section of the post to get some insight on those feelings. Why these moods? Well, just because. If you feel excluded because your main mood is not here, consider booking a free tarot question on our facebook page. It’s not a daily free service like here, but it can help with any “one” question you want guidance on for the week. Thank you for visiting lets begin!

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2 of Pentacles

This state of mood has been influenced by the heightened sense of your intuition.

Your currently taking a leap of faith from the pull of your right brain. Some odds may be stacked against you but you are focusing on the bright side.

Allowing yourself to look at the silver lining for every situation is the balance you have been able to juggle. The roller coaster of emotions are starting to settle. However, it seems little bursts of old feelings do bubble up. But you manage it well.

There is personal growth in the foundation of how you look at life. You may find yourself starting to feel more grounded and light heart-ed around situations that would have triggered you in the past.

Pay attention to how this joy is communicating signs of alignment, for example, do certain people make you smile, are there activities that bring levity in your life. And ask yourself, are you practicing gratitude towards them? If not, try it. This can increase the state of joy.


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Ace of Pentacles Reversed

This state of mood has a divine purpose, it is giving guidance and permission to open the heart chakra.

The sexual energy has been strong but there has been an intervention with whom your able to express this with. Your higher self is looking out for you. Understand that divine timing is happening.

Your ideal sexual release is coming and anything that doesn’t match will not be allowed to enter your reality. However, this does not stop people from being attracted to you. Your energy is a powerful signal for others to be attracted to you.

BUT, you are protected so anything that is not an energetic match with you will drift away. This is a good thing. It keeps you at your optimal state. Trust that the right person is coming.

There is also a need to process childhood emotions, if dreams have been more vivid recently, start to write them down so you can get a deeper insight to what emotions need releasing. Allowing yourself to feel these difficult emotions will release them and will improve your sexual energy.

Improving your sexual energy can help you manifest a healthy relationship to help you with personal growth in an empowering way.


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The Lovers

This state of mood is showing an appeal to a new relationship or business opportunity. There is irritation around this because of the change that will happen when and if you choose to follow this.

However much anxiety you have towards this path. You are being supported by a higher power. Your evolution is awaiting you.

This change will improve your financial and love life. Their currently seems to be one lesson in the way from this happening. And it revolves around your personal space, a need to protect your boundaries.

The fear is an illusion from your past. The person you are now is not the person you were. The chances of disrespecting your self worth are very low.

You are being called to trust. To trust yourself, to put trust in signs, and to trust in the hearts of others. Your heart is wanting to expand.

The simple steps of not indulging a negative thought to spiral out of control can help. Deep breaths through out the day can greatly help as well.


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Page of Wands Reversed

This state of mood is showing a grief process. You seem to be reflecting on things that are no longer in your life.

As you reflect you are not getting caught up in the emotions of how it used to pain you in the past. There is almost a silent observing sadness as you look back.

You are experiencing a very grounding sadness. Old memories are popping up to test you and at the same time you are healing old wounds there. Allowing yourself to travel back down memory lane in a grounded detached way can release old energy.

You are being given an opportunity to express pure love for yourself when old memories flood your mind. Watch how you think of yourself as you look back.

Are you putting yourself down? or Are you being kind to yourself and forgiving yourself?

There is support around you, whether it be family, friends, or significant other. Make sure you remind yourself how grateful you are to have them as you look back. Memories can hold a lot of emotions.

Trust in the power of release, because it can be very healing.

Thank you for reading!

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