Theta Brain Wave Transformation

Private Hypnosis Sessions with Marbella Barajas

Indirect Method

You will see that there is no need to actually tell the listener to do anything or feel anything; I simply wonder aloud if they feel it and their mind will do the rest. This is a relaxed process that yields excellent results.

Power of Suggestibility

The process of suggestibility is not created by hypnosis, but is merely enhanced by it and many individuals exhibit higher degrees of suggestibility out of the hypnotic state than others do within it!


Marbella has such a soothing voice and manner. It makes her hypnosis sessions very enjoyable experiences.


Very soothing and consistent voice, excellent for creating deep relaxation. Suggestions are very well crafted and so pertinent. So grateful to have experienced a group hypnosis with Marbella.


I had a first-time and wonderful experience with my session. There’s something to Marbella’s voice. And her soft presence but deep knowledge left an imprint that unfused an important change in me. You should go.
I will come back again.


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Each recording can have up to 3 suggestions and will be around 30 minutes long.

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