The way of the runes is a metaphor for following a path that is less traveled. One can not be certain of where the path will lead, but the mystery and mysticism make it worth it.

I see now that the path people go down are a direct reflection of their mental state. And I choose the path less traveled! I am also not gloating, I have been avoiding the path less traveled my whole life. And I see now that my life has been planned a certain way. And to a certain extent I can change its course, but the energy behind it will be the same. It is my actions that I can manipulate and have free will on, however my reactions and emotions have been pre-planned, so it is my duty to recover as best I can when they happen.

Their have been many paths that I could have gone down, however I have chosen the way of the runes. I have been unconsciously drawing runes my entire life. They have always been there. It wasn’t until this last year when they came to me in dreams and made themselves more visible while I was awake. I searched in books for their meaning. But soon I began to just intuitively know what they wanted to show me.

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Divination and Purpose

Divination tools have been labeled in our history as tools for the magically inclined. I can now see that it is a half truth. These tools hold their own consciousness, and it is activated when the magically inclined come into contact with them. However, I don’t believe that just the magically inclined can access them. Anyone can, but it can become a great powerful tool for those that connect with it.

Like I mentioned above, I have been able to draw these celtic symbols since I can remember, so the imprint for instruction is probably in my consciousness data or more commonly known as DNA make up.

The way of the runes has showed me that you are not supposed to know your purpose until you are ready to handle it. I understand now, why I always ran away from mysticism and divination. I was not ready for it, and even now I am facing tests of character that push me to accept all parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. It has been a wild journey, and it is not over yet.

If you want to discover your purpose, my best advice is to not go looking for it. It will present itself to you when you are ready. In the meantime, you must hone in on your skills and talents! These will lead you to discover your purpose and ultimately start your mission of helping the people and the planet.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have felt a calling since at a young age of saving the world and people. You have experienced dreams where you fly, move things with your mind, and manipulate matter with your thoughts.

You are a multidimensional being having a temporary human experience. You are infinite! Stop trying to convince yourself of what you already are, your human body will fight you if you continue to deny it the experiences you are to bring it! Human life is meant to be lived to the fullest! Explore your talents, bring joy to those who meet you, and go with the flow of the universe. You are supported, your life path is meant to bring you experiences that change you and push you to grow.

The way of the runes is simply a reminder that we are always connected to our infinite self. Runes were my sign and connection to the higher aspects of myself. Find yours and ride the path that you are meant to lead.

Blessed be!


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