The sensitive children that can feel everything are being born in masses now. In the past, these sensitive children would be born maybe one in every family of 4. However, now it seems that almost every child being born is a sensitive one. This is due to generations of evolution from personal growth and divine karmic healing. This sensitive state is our origin behavioral pattern. We operated this way in the times of Atlantas and Lemuria. Therefore, only a few in the distant past could be open enough to access it, and now the current generation is able to naturally be open to it. With this sensitive awareness comes training and practice. Just as any other skill is being trained and practiced, for example, speech, motor movement, emotions, etc. The training that needs to happen now is meditation, focus of intention, and dimensional awareness.

The ability to pick up on others emotions and thoughts, whether in close proximity or far distances is a skill to be trained and practiced. When one does not have control over a natural bodily function, it can seem to disrupt and cause chaos in ones life. Now imagine picking up emotions and thoughts that aren’t yours and not knowing how to deal with them. That can lead to some major disruption and chaos. However, just like any other natural bodily function, it can be trained and mastered.

Educated Empath V.S. Untrained Empath

What separates an untrained empath from an educated empath, is the conscious awareness of focusing your energy. An untrained empath will have no conscious awareness of focusing energy. They will be operating unconsciously and have their focus of energy on everything and everyone. Where as an educated empath will be consciously aware of their focus of energy. They will focus their energy on themselves, and consciously choose to focus on others with a proper intention.

Being an Educated Empath

What are the benefits of being an educated empath? Well for starters, you will decrease your anxiety level. This happens because the amount of energy you are sending out to others gets directed back to you as you focus on yourself. Another reason why anxiety drops is because the amount of energy you absorb from others decreases, whether it be emotions or thoughts. The thoughts and emotions from others are no longer in your energetic field and thus not controlling the way you feel about yourself or others. Being an educated empath is having awareness of what goes into your energetic field and knowing how to move it. This allows you to manipulate energy and master your ability.

Semi-advanced Application

Once you have some control of this skill and move out of the fear from having it, you can start to enjoy life again. You can also start to experiment with your ability and grow it. This ability allows you to match at people’s energetic frequency, and once you become aware of what you absorb, you can tap into others frequencies at will. One would ask, “why would you want to do that?” Well for example, if you are a student at a university and find lectures and studying difficult. Why not use your ability to tap into your professors frequency and absorb the knowledge from the lecture faster and deeper. This allows you to comprehend the material in a fraction of the time, from say… studying for hours on end. This is just one of the many uses this ability can be utilized once having some sort of mastery on it.

Simple Application & Purpose

Some everyday uses once some mastery is obtained, is being able to interact with people in crowded areas and maintain a clear-ish energetic field for a long period of time. This is crucial for being out and about with friends and family or just by yourself enjoying time around others. We can easily forget how powerful we are because at times it only feels like we are receiving and receiving. But, having the qualities of an empath means you are a frequency broadcaster, part of your mission on earth is to emit strong influential energy into the collective. Your energy changes people, and the more people you interact with or are around, the more you change them on an energetic level.

The problem with untrained empaths is that they are overmelved with others energy and choose to have little, if any, human interaction. Isolation heals them, and when they choose to be around others, they heal them too, but it becomes to much for them. Having an empath in isolation for most of their life does not help raise the frequency of the collective. We have all these wonderful shining souls, but without training and practice, they retreat to safety in isolation.

The safety they seek is control, and when they can be trained and achieve some mastery, they will enjoy life so much more. Not only that, but being around others more will spread their influential energy in raising the frequency of the collective.

The Perspective that Changed Everything

As an overactive empath that tried everything online to help gain some control. I found the tips and techniques of shielding, and putting up walls to be futile. The whole idea of having to protect yourself from energy is completely pointless. As an empath, you are a wielder of energy! You absorb and transmute the darkest and lightest of energies. The idea that you should shield yourself from energy is defeating the purpose of your ability.

New Tip and Technique

Why not allow yourself to process all energy and let it go through you. This may sound absurd but it is not an uncommon idea. Several meditation techniques make us be present in the mind, and tell us to just let the thoughts come and exit on its own. Well why can’t we do the same with the energy we absorb.

Body of Glass

Let the energy you absorb come in, and let it exit out. Imagine the glass window of a house living room, light shines through it and it does not get stuck, does it? No, it passes through. The same idea is key for understanding how to move energy out of the energetic field. We are the glass window! The energy that passes through us is the light! However, as some window cleaners may know, the light over time will stain some windows. At that point we must learn to clean out our energetic field from time to time. The energy that passes through may leave some energetic residue, and it’s up to us for a yearly or monthly spring cleaning by energy healers or to energetically heal yourself.


The simple visualization of picturing our bodies as glass can allow the psyche to process these energies as light that just passes through. This will change the way you feel about energy entering your energetic field. The fact that it will pass right through you and not get stuck will decrease your anxiety and give you a level of conscious awareness on how to focus your energy. This will be the equivalent to teaching a kid to swim in a running river for the first time. The kid may be hesitant to the approaching speed of the river, but once the kid realizes that they can stand and find a balance to combat the speed of the water, they will feel more in control. This perspective gives you control, and a type of mental discipline.

How being an Educated Emapth helped me…

Having the mental discipline to focus my energy and manage the energy of others at the same time, gave me a sense of mastery over my ability. I truly do believe that it can give others the same feeling of freedom as well. I don’t need to picture my body as glass anymore, because I fully believe it. However, for others wanting to gain mastery over their ability, start by picturing a body of glass and letting the energy flow right through you. This can be done in line waiting to buy a coffee, walking around in a supermarket, dancing at a club, or just sitting down eating dinner with the family at the table. Daily practice of the visualization from “body of glass”, will condition you to develop mental discipline towards mastering your ability.

-Marbella Barajas

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