In a dark dense forest walked a man. 

This man was hooded in a dark green cloak.

Out in front of him was a dry dead tree. 

When suddenly he began to dance and wave his pelvis from side to side. 

The man leaned against the tree and thrust-ed his pelvis towards the tree.

In three quick motions the tree began to turn from dry old to green and alive. 

Opening his cloak to reveal a glowing gold rod as his penis. 

He blessed the tree for a long happy life by tapping the tree with soft gentle strokes, while keeping his hands on his hips. 

This tree marks a new life for him.

For near this tree is a village, the perfect village for him to spread his wisdom of the golden rod. 

The man hadn’t noticed but a woman was out picking berries on a bush next to the now green and vibrant tree.

Seeing everything, from dance to golden rod.

She made her presence known by tapping him on the shoulder. 

He turns around golden rod out and all.

She sees the pulsing gold of his rod and asks why it’s like that.

The man tells her,”It was blessed by the gods, Zeus himself forged it to heal the sick and holds a wisdom so strong that whoever places their lips on it and sucks in the wisdom, will be shown their life purpose.” 

The woman intrigued and curious to the tale of his story, asks him if she may place her lips on the golden rod to suck in the wisdom of the gods. 

He agrees.

So he, as many times before, finds a place to sit. 

Seeing a boulder, he sits and spreads his legs. 

The woman now on her knees in front of him, bends down, placing her lips on his rod. 

Her long black hair falling to one side on his leg.

As she sucks in and out, up and down on his rod.

He holds her hair and twirls it gently with one hand and caresses her head in rhythm with his other hand. 

The woman absorbing all the pulsing wisdom from his rod, her eyes turn white.

The man notices that she is now seeing her life purpose.

The woman in awe as she moans to the visions that are shown to her.

She continues this rhythm and sound until her eyes turn back to normal. 

Exhaling a calm empowered breath as she wipes the corner of her mouth.

She smiles to the man and walks away thanking the gods.

Just as he closes his cloak smiling thanking the gods as well. 

The sounds and smells of the near by village catch his attention as he passes the vibrant tree with a full palm smack against the healthy rough bark.  

Zestful strides take the man towards this new path with new people, for if Zeus wills it, they too shall be endowed with his pulsing wisdom.

-By Marbella Barajas

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