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I draw tarot cards for 4 types of moods (Joy, Lust, Irritation, and Sadness). If your in one or more of these moods then read that section of the post to get some insight on those feelings. Why these moods? Well, just because. If you feel excluded because your main mood is not here, consider booking a free tarot question on our facebook page. It can help with any “one” question you want guidance on for the week. Thank you for visiting lets begin!

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Page of Cups Reversed

The state of this mood shows that you have completed a rough emotional cycle. The trust you are building with yourself is a wonderful path that will lead to a high quality life.

There was a lot of chaos with what your emotions where trying to communicate. You have gained some clarity on the meanings of certain emotions. Your focus is now prioritizing the health you hold.

There has been a recent shift in how you look at how you treat your body. Today marks a day for a huge shift in your health. Have you been getting ideas on how to improve your health?

Now is the time to take action on making the appropriate changes in your life to follow your need for better health.

Balance is a struggle. But from today and on there will be improvements on how to guide your inner balance. Listen to your intuition. Your gut feelings will be stronger.


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3 of Swords Reversed

This state of mood shows a need to retreat and recover. Your sensual energy was overused or at least used to a new max than it’s used to.

Your heart chakra is open and its a new energy for you. It’s an exciting time but also a bit out of your usual comfort zone. You are being asked to make new boundaries for this new state of open heart energy.

Emotions may be running on a new all time high, but you are re-calibrating to this new energy and sensitivity. You may find yourself wanting to isolate. Trust your inner guidance.

Rest and recovery is important. With this new sensitivity you are advised to watch out on what media you are consuming.

Ask yourself, “is this fear based?”, “do I want to attract this energy in my life?”. Sexual energy is very powerful. Now with a wide open heart chakra, you will be able to manifest things nearly instantly into your life.

Finding time in the day to rest will be a very important step in finding balance.


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Page of Swords Reversed

This state of mood shows a need to regain balance. Life has been turned on its head for you. Not just once but several times in a short amount of time.

Your irritated with having to protect space all the time. However I see this as a hidden training. There will be many skills you will learn when naturally figuring out ways to protect yourself.

You are being tested to trust yourself and catch patterns of recurring behaviors that no longer serve you. You are being held to a higher standard than most people and energetically you are noticing that certain things just don’t feel good to do.

This irritation is almost a grieving for what you used to be able to do without much consequence. But now that isn’t the case anymore.

Trust that these necessary life changes will bring in huge rewards. Continue to trust yourself and your intuition.


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Knight of Wands

This state of mood shows a need to continue finding meaning in the difficult things in life. Life experience is a way to gain knowledge. The more knowledge we have the better life can feel.

However, gaining knowledge comes at a price. That price is pain. Pain is uncomfortable but your need to find meaning in it can transform your mood.

I’m seeing you transform from some pain that happened recently. Continuing this mindset of transforming through your pain will accelerate your growth.

You are being asked to work with your higher self. Developing a relationship with your higher self or spirit guides can be a big asset.

The way you talk to yourself is key. Be your own BFF. The universe is in favor of self love. Exciting opportunities are on the way.

Thank you for reading!

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