The moment I began writing my life’s story, I noticed something inside me opened up. The part of me that holds back and feels afraid of being judged by others was no longer holding a strong voice in my head. The moment I began to write, that self-doubting voice lost its power for good. The process of having to recall my childhood and its weirdness was kind of freeing and actually brought me joy.

There have been very few times where writing actually brought me joy. In school writing was such a dread. But, writing my blog and my book has been a liberating experience.

Extraterrestrial DNA

The idea of sharing to the world that I have extraterrestrial DNA may scare some people, but what people don’t realise is that they have it too. I am simply sharing my story in hope of making others feel less alone.

The fact that people are carrying multidimensional DNA is not what scares people, it’s the fact that, what some people thought was only their imagination, was actually happening to them or around them.

People are good at finding comfortable realities, so when something comes up to shatter it, they simply believe it didn’t happen. I’m here to say that it did happen and that its okay. This isn’t the realization for a few individuals but for the whole global population.


We are humans experiencing a life that appears to be very black and white, but it is not. It appears that way to help us learn lessons to evolve our consciousness.

You see… the reason we don’t fully remember who we are when we are born, is because of the agreement we made before manifesting this body. However, along your life there have been triggers that make you question your reality and its solid perception. These triggers (people, events, experiences, etc) are meant to help with the amnesia.

The deep realization of our existence is up to you to discover.

Helpful Resource

My book can be one of the triggers you need to make some realizations. I’ve read a book that made me completely change my mindset on how I perceive life. And it only took one book! My book centers around my spiritual awakening story, and how I dealt with common life situations and uncommon life experiences. Yes, I do talk about portals, telepathy, being an empath, and remembering a past life where I was a queen on another planet. I am telling you now, you are capable of so much more! Being human on Earth is a gift, even if it may not feel that way all the time. Connect to your higher self, and discover your answers.

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Are you having trouble figuring out the questions? Read my book! It will definitely get you to start questioning your reality.

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