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I draw tarot cards for 4 types of moods (Joy, Lust, Irritation, and Sadness). If your in one or more of these moods then read that section of the post to get some insight on those feelings. Why these moods? Well, just because. If you feel excluded because your main mood is not here, consider booking a free tarot question on our facebook page. It can help with any “one” question you want guidance on for the week. Thank you for visiting lets begin!

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10 of Pentacles Reversed

The state of this mood shows an abundant release of energy that has been holding you back. Toxic attachments have been released.

This can show up as the universe separating you from a behavior or pattern that brings feelings of forced control. A forced control of “how you want life to look like”, got released. This might have been a hard lesson to go through but it is accelerating your growth.

Pay attention to the flow of how life is naturally unfolding. Great success and rewards are coming your way.

A flux of hot and cold emotions may still be apart of the releasing process, so be gentle with self criticism.

Interactions with animals and people will be a positive experience today. Let the joy they radiate envelope your being. They are reflecting the inner calm that is in you. Re-calibrate your energy to match at that vibe.


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Ace of Wands Reversed

The state of this mood shows an excitement for someone. Strong sexual energy is present.

However, there maybe a learning lesson with this person. There is a strong chance that flirtation may lead to a sexual experience. This sexual experience might be an opportunity that can lead your heart chakra to open up in a way you never experienced before.

Because of the heart expansion, you will encounter states of bliss and will un-ground you. Remember to keep a balance with emotions and how they affect the body.

Wonderful experiences await you. It’s important keep an eye on whether you are reminding yourself to be in the present moment.

You are being divinely guided to open your heart chakra. Embrace the layers of release when your past relationship pain comes up. It will come up to be purged. Make sure that pain is not projected on this new person.

Healing the heart is a slow process but in this case your new found sexual energy will move past it fast.


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The World

The state of this mood shows a need to gain clarity on goals for action towards your dreams. Your mind is split between being stubborn and courageous.

You find yourself have a lot of gusto to take action on your dream but there is little planning or strategy. The world card is showing that you feel like all is possible. You might have stepped into your power recently.

This new found confidence feels great but you might also find yourself being lost as to where to use it and how to use it for yourself.

Know that the important thing to focus on is to building a social circle that can assist you. This path is not to be walked alone. Your new found confidence will help attract people to you. Your energy is powerful and it is necessary to build your dreams.

Make intentions to attract people that can help you build your dreams. Continue to be you and all will align. Practicing patience is vital.


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Knight of Cups Reversed

The state of this mood shows that you might be comparing your success to others. Your inner self may have advised against this already but this card wanted to remind you again that you are making progress.

You are growing and spreading your wings right now. Focusing on the success of others will get you down. It’s important now more than ever to redirect your attention when you catch yourself doing this.

Your spirit guides are calling out to you, they want to remind you that you have their support. A simple prayer to them will get the message to them.

Emotions may feel distant today, but that is a way for you to plan and have a clear head on your goals.

Everything is happening for a reason, allow yourself the freedom to rest or recover.

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