Today’s energy is guiding in gratitude for the individuals around you that have been strong support systems. It’s time to reach out and express gratitude. Participate in the love of being thankful. This is especially true if you have been feeling as though your ego is being put through the wringer with little triggers to big overt negative thinking patterns popping up. It’s a sign to step back and use your witness perspective and witness the drama in your brain with a kind and compassionate approach…

The energy to embrace is “LET GO”, let go of the grudge, let go of the victim story, let go of the expectations, and let go of the need to control. Even if it’s for two minutes, let it go, and see what comes up. See what comes up when you give yourself the freedom to just be. You deserve all the love! One message coming through is to embrace gratitude today!

Letting Go Ritual:

*Read out loud as you tap on your third eye*

“I love my life!

I am so grateful to be alive!

Beautiful miracles await me!

I open my heart to receive what I desire!

The universe conspires in my favor!

I let go of what doesn’t serve me!

And so it is!”

*Place your hands on your heart and take a deep breath as you exhale a long OM*

See you in the next update, much love!

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