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Is purposeful dissociation an opening to psychic abilities? Yes, this altered state of consciousness is led with an opening to energy that is connected in the field. The field of energy around us is filled with limitless pockets of information. The acceptance of this opening is what people experience during a psychic reading or session with a professional or natural psychic. It can be on the receiving end and on the giving end when working with psychic abilities. 

How do psychic abilities serve us on a practical level?

 Psychic abilities on a purely survival level are fueled to serve and protect. Having information that can serve or protect you at the length of your fingertips is very useful. Whether it be clairvoyance, allowing you to see others intentions clearly and visually in your mind in real time when being around people. Or clairsentiently, allowing you to feel the emotions of others and prepare you for your next move in response to their mental or emotional state. There is also claircognizance, allowing you to know details about a person or situation without any images or deep gut feelings and at times can help you know what the future will bring to you. This is tapping into the field of energy!

Now, dissociation is also fueled to serve and protect. However, they operate on different vibrations. Dissociation is a splitting of self and separating of self that can serve you and protect you if you are experiencing something traumatic. Separating your identity from a fearful situation can help with surviving a difficult situation. Now where they both come into play and how they are both similar is in the split. Psychic abilities use the function of splitting the sense of self to expand into the field of energy around them. Tapping into intuition and receiving information is an act of opening to the field of energy that is expanded and interconnected between all living and nonliving things. Tapping into dissociation and experiencing the split of body and mind into the dimensions of the between are states of expanded awareness. 

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Purposeful dissociation is all about intention and grounding.

One has to be willing to expand and split to receive information from the field. Now the trick to managing this expanded state is in grounding and nurturing the connection to your body. The human body is an advanced antenna and daily maintenance is key. Meditation, yoga, breathwork, art, dance, chanting, and much more is a part of the balance in grounding into your body.

If the dissociation has no direction or intention, it can lead to overstimulation and disorientation when the identity of self is being split. Expanding your awareness to more energy is not about discovering a whole new world, but simply exploring the world around you with a whole new set of lenses. Tapping into energy and information in the field is a practice of mastery over noticing the tiny details and connecting them into an effortless pattern of truth. 

With this being said, is it dangerous to open your third eye or to put focus in developing your psychic abilities? Yes and no. Your intention is key. If you want to open your third eye for entertainment purposes and tap into other dimensions or energies to distract you from physicality. Then you may be setting yourself up to open into a split that will do just that. You will open yourself up to unprocessed trauma revealing itself to you as shadow beings appearing to you in sleep paralysis, or aliens abducting you and experimenting on you, or however the imagery may appear to you. 

Setting no intention in your spiritual work gives free rein on your subconscious to manifest in any way it pleases. And it’s not being malicious, it’s simply trying to get your attention on topics or themes you have been avoiding in your life in ways that you will not ignore.  This is also not to say that shadow beings or aliens do not exist, in their purest form they do exist. But in our perceived mind, they will appear in ways that we are programmed to perceive them from movies, books, or family culture. With time and deep reflection, these forms pr perceptions fade and move out of your space. It’s all a process that unfolds uniquely for every individual. Opening your third eye can take on deeply profound experiences no matter the journey that unfolds. 

However, there are ways to navigate a gentler and more harmonious third eye awakening. If your intention to open your third eye is to communicate with your higher self, spirit guides, or dive deeper into yourself for love and peaceful exploration. Then you will have uplifting experiences when splitting the sense of self. 

Purposeful dissociation is part out of body experience and part inward soul connection.

Utilizing your ability to split, and diving into receiving information for yourself or others in deep effortless trances of meditation or divination can be a connective tool for human evolution. Allowing ourselves to be present with whatever information shows up in the field of energy can help build deeper connection and resilience towards discovering truth and dismantling lies. 

Purposeful dissociation equals psychic abilities. Do you have something to add or contribute this discussion? Send me a private email!

I love these conversations!

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