Past Life Reading

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A 45 min past life reading session. Discover 3 past lives and messages from your higher self. Get deeper insight into why your life may be unfolding a specific way. A free gift with every booking. Order this reading today!

Recieve our exclusive grounding meditation when you order this reading. 

All readings are non-refundable.

Please be patient as I will respond to your order via email asap with my calendar. 

Thank you.

2 reviews for Past Life Reading

  1. Johannes Zündel

    This reading was very helpful and healing for me in all aspects of live. It makes everthing more clear in your live what happens right now and how its connected to your past live.
    Also you understand your beeing better and that everything is just right the way it happens. I can recommend to anybody who wants to dive deeper in live and who wants to know who they really are 🙌 Gracias

  2. Lucia P.

    This reading was magical!! I can’t express in words how deep and important it was for me. I always suffered from anxiety and I couldn’t really get out of that, but Marbella’s reading made so much sense to me! It clicked and I was able connect all the missing links. It was very liberating feeling. And on top of that, her presence is so calming and soothing, everyone needs to experience her and her gifts!! Highly recommended is an understatement, Marbella is a true gift. Thank you!

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