People talk about past life healing regressions and past life readings to be very therapeutic. To have a life pattern wound acknowledged in a de-personalized way through a story of another life in another body. Whether people believed in reincarnation or not the therapeutic response was the same. Healing from our wounds is more important now than ever before.

Mental health drops rapidly when we continue to band-aid these repressed wounds. And in the context of past lives, these patterns are repeating over and over again and none of it is our fault, but it is our responsibility to heal.

Now imagine if we developed a way to make that therapeutic response of a past life pattern scenario into an every day self care tool.

Would it be too far to tap into our imagination (consciousness) to gain access to these therapeutic stories?

It would depend on the person. As a trained and certified clairvoyant, my mind has gotten used to the twists and turns of altered states of consciousness to view these stories in a flexible reality. And so it is very easy for me to trust my imagination.

But for someone who loves routine and rules, and guidelines. This type of healing will be a hard learning curve but it is possible. If you’ve always been curious to the idea of past lives or parallel realities, this type of healing may be calling out to you. Trust.

Our current reality is a mixture of thoughts and emotions stemming from our own internal subconscious. The beautiful thing about the subconscious is its relationship with other fractal selves that turn out to be the people around us whether close or far. We are all connected. So if you meet a new person today that you have never met before and feel like you know them, it’s because you do. They are you and you are them. And in a past life or parallel reality you may have or are still interacting with them.

Time is an illusion. All that is and all that ever will be is happening right now.

This is how it is possible to tap into a past life or parallel reality and interact with it consciously. This is why past life regressions and readings are so therapeutic. The patterns are being acknowledged with out the ego getting in the way trying to figure out whether it is real or not real. Every human and non human experience is valid. Living life is a way of collecting information for the soul and the collective consciousness.

Learning lessons is an abundant currency for the soul. So when a soul sees a pattern that has been repeating for life times, it can be therapeutic to know that it was all happening for a reason and thus can take action to make necessary life changes.

The healing is not from the reader or hypnosis practitioner, but from the recipient connecting the dots to their own journey.

How can we each personally connect the dots to our own journey and gain the most from the human experience?

Here is how you can train your mind to be flexible towards this inner healing path.

TRUST YOUR IMAGINATION: Includes listening to your gut instincts, pay attention to signs & synchronicities.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART: Includes choosing love over fear, and tapping into joyful activities.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: Includes communicating from your heart, and expressing your nature unapologetically.

PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALING: Includes creating personal boundaries for your own mental and physical well-being, and digging towards root wounds so that love and forgiveness can enter them.

Are you looking to connect the dots with help, I would be honored to assist you on your journey!

Blessed be!

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