Our society and way of life has been running in a certain circle of patterns. However, as every spiral staircase has a new ring on each level, so do we. Our circle of behavior and way of life for this rotation is coming to an end and new beginning. The new beginning will resemble some of our past, but the actions being taken will be completely new.
I’m talking about KARMA.

Karma has ruled our earthly existence since we were cavemen. The age for creator consciousness is upon us. We can create anything we want and the lack in awareness of it, leads karma to control that natural ability in us. Our natural ability to create is what defines our existence as conscious creatures.

When we are not conscious of this awareness, we still create, however now it is operating under karma and unconscious behavior.

Why the old paradigm is ending…

The old paradigm was operating under unconscious behavior. We as sentient being came to earth to grow and evolve. One of the necessary requirements to be here was to forget of our celestial knowledge. When we are born, we are raised by other unconscious beings (our parents/guardians). The unconscious behavior spreads and life after life, the soul would pick up on the patterns of unconscious behavior and make changes. These karmic lessons take a very long time to complete if unconscious.

The galactic beings from higher dimensions have noticed that it is too slow and has almost lead to a timeline of planetary destruction. That is why they have sent back-up to help us in our spiritual evolution. The spiritual evolution aids in changing unconscious behavior to conscious growth.

Karma is an outdated system that no longer needs to lead the path of every sentient being. There are humans now that are spiritually aware enough to to learn and grow without karma. The polarity in human existence alone can shape this conscious expansion.

Why the new paradigm is here…

The new paradigm is shifting people to end karma and learn from polarity. This new way of conscious acting and thinking will lead humans to communicate more telepathically, empathically, and energetically. As we co-create and become more self aware, the population will decrease as well. The majority of people on the planet don’t even exist.  These non existent people are created as “filler people” to a conscious individual’s environment. So, when more conscious people embrace their spiritual evolution, the filler people will disappear. Thus, a decrease in population. Polarity deals with a sentient beings need of experience with the ups and downs of life. Polarity takes you out of stagnation. Polarity keeps us growing.

How can you start to make the shift to the new paradigm?

This will be an instruction from your inner guidance. If you don’t already listen to your body on its basic needs such as food, water, sex, love, and care, then start there.

However, if those are taken care of, then you can start by meditating at least 30 min a day. This will connect you to your inner knowledge. This inner knowledge will tell you on what to do for your next steps. Calming the mind and being open to information that comes in, is key!

Another tip to help with receiving messages from your higher self is to trust your imagination. That is not to say that you must take it literally, but do trust in the meaning it shows you. You may start to feel things, see things, and even go places with your astral body. Trust that everything you experience is real and a part of your growth.

Doing this is not easy, but it is simple. Being conscious is the toughest thing to do on a consistent basis. However, it is possible and entirely worth it!

This is not a path that you choose, it is a path that is chosen for you, by you, BUT A YOU THAT YOU HAVE NOT HAD THE CHANCE TO MEET. What I mean by this is that, before you manifested a body, you chose to go through this life the exact way you are living now and will live for the rest of your life. It is all laid out, the amazing part of being human is having no clue what the plan is, but following the bread crumbs and learning and growing along the way.

As we continue our path, know that we will be facing new choices and opportunities, and it will be tempting to behave the way we always have when we were unconscious. However, we now have the awareness to stop, breath, and react differently, hopefully with more love and compassion. End the karma and embrace forgiveness.


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