This grounded month will be guiding new connections and peace of mind around emotional patterns. The energy of heaviness has lifted, it is time to enjoy the moment and to plan and focus on new projects with the intention of spontaneous opportunities.
Trust all the messages that are arriving for you. This period of grace is here to help you with understanding the energy in your life. Understanding doesn’t mean change. Understanding means you will thrive with peace and direction.


If your focus right now is on relationships you can expect warm growth between a partner or if you are open to meeting new people for deep connection. Now is the time. You are being energetically supported to experience dept with safety and trust. Leaning into the good feeling energy will be medicine for all past wounds around love, trust, and connection. Anything that doesn’t feel good, know that it’s not in alignment with you. The clarity is present, and it’s your turn to trust it. Small steps every day where you choose to feel good in small ways will make a lasting impact for this month.


If your focus right now is on the business you can expect to prosper with new clients and strong interest from those who what to work with you. It’s important to lean into what is flowing right now as this will change next month, this month is all about being open to how your service or product can grow and expand. For business right now there will be an opportunity for the throat chakra as that channel will be active and expressive. Capitalize on this by using your voice in any medium that flows naturally for you, whether can be writing, talking, instructing, designing, or leading with creative expression. Give everything you have, let your soul be seen, dig deep, and express. All expressions will be well received this month. Businesses are meant to gain great momentum with this expression of energy.


If your focus is a health right now you can expect to face some new challenges and these areas of concern will deeply move you into full presence and gratitude for your body, mind, and spirit. Health will seem like it needs all your attention but know that it’s a test. As soon as you give it your full attention it will begin to return to homeostasis. This may drive you a little insane if you don’t have the time to give fully to your health this month. So I advise you to make the most of your free time to treat yourself with slowness, attentiveness, and compassion. Remember your health this month will depend on your level of discipline to listen and slow down. If you start to do this now rather than later, you will have a smooth time this month. This can be accomplished by incorporating a daily check-in with yourself, take 5 mins to see which part of your body has something to say, listen if there is an ache, pain, soreness, twinge, or pressure. Treat your body like a child for those 5 mins, with care, love, and soft encouragement for slowing down to relax. Once a day to stop and check-in will make a world of difference for this month.

Blessing Ritual

Heart opening meditation:
Close your eyes and breathe in through the nose only in and out.
Visualize a purple flame around your body and place your hands on your chest as you speak out this phrase 8 times.
“I am worthy of the abundant gifts life and love has to offer, I receive them fully!”
When you finish, place your hands over your eyes and take a deep breath in through the mouth and hold your breath for as long as you can, and when you can’t anymore, exhale as your hands move to a prayer pose over your heart.
Then open your eyes.
Repeat every other day for maximum effect for this month.

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