Today’s energy is moving into a place of new and extreme growth. This is the time to be prepared for any turns and pivots on projects. Your focus may feel like it can be laser-focused and at the same time, it may have a multitasking quality. Know that your intuition is pulling you towards your destiny. Even if your mind can’t conceptualize it yet. You are being divinely guided.

This new and extreme growth will be an internal and external process. If you are noticing your body is not acting as it usually should, whether it changes in the stomach or pelvic floor in general. Know that your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra is the main part of this transformation.

Your root is about survival energy, where in your foundation is there a missing pillar…. how can you best support your needs at this time? You are being pulled to communicate and express yourself on a whole new level. The confidence of a strong root chakra is “I respect my needs and wants, I don’t compromise on my boundaries, my energy is a gift and I give it to myself first.”

Your sacral is about sensuality and emotions, where in your lower abdomen are you ignoring…. how can you best support your emotions at this time? You are being called to slow down, move with intention, and notice a whole new level of connection and attention with your body. The flexibility of a healthy sacral chakra is “I welcome my emotions even if it appears inconvenient at the moment, I trust it’s the medicine I need. All feelings are valid and welcomed.”

Your solar plexus is about determination and motivation, what in your stomach are you doubting…. how can you best support your intuition? You are being called to pay close attention to the energy of those around you and notice a whole new level of social connection and support. An influential solar plexus chakra is “I take action out of inspiration, not an obligation. I trust in divine timing and I flow with an open mind and heart as I work towards my dreams.”

You can expect love to flourish during this time if you are in a romantic relationship, this also translates to success in fitness and business goals. Do your best to support these chakras!

This period of transformation will be most potent from today to the next two weeks. To help you through this transition, I have prepared a chakra blessing ritual that you can do right now and repeat whenever you need it for these two weeks.

Chakra Blessing Ritual:

Take a deep breath and hold that breath and close your eyes,

Imagine a gold star in your mind, see that gold star spin at the base of your spine and up to your stomach. (10 to 15 seconds breath hold minimum)

Exhale the breath and visualize that star shooting straight down into the center of the earth and hold your breath with empty lungs for 20 seconds minimum.

Repeat 2 more times!

(This ritual gives powerful attention to your first 3 chakras and it anchors them with the earth, allowing nature to work with you and not against you) (side note, the longer you hold your breath the better)

Give this ritual a try right now. It can help to repeat it every two days for these two weeks.

See you in the next update, much love!

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