This inter-dimensional child has popped up many times in my life. She would appear to me through a wall. I would be able to see her and talk to her as if the wall was an opening to a different dimension. She looked like she was probably six or seven. I am her hybrid mother.

Communication & Visitation

We communicate telepathically. I talk to her in my head like I’ve known her my whole life. I see her with my physical eyes and my mind’s eye. When I first saw her, she seemed impatient and frustrated that she wasn’t with me physically.

However, every time she would visit me, she seemed more at peace. I would only see her every six months or so. With every visit, she seemed to understand more the human world and its difficulties. Even though it pained me to not be able to hug her, I wasn’t so excited at the idea of her manifesting a body.

Just as I would have these conversations with my galactic child, I would also see and talk to my galactic sister. She would give me news on how our parents are and how my child is doing. After a certain point, my child enrolled to the earth program. She entered the academy of human training and education.

Earth Program Education

When she went there, I wasn’t able to see her anymore. So, my galactic sister filled me in on her progress and her decisions. She would also let me know that she is proud of me and my work here on earth. The work that I do is following my intuition towards self-healing through overcoming any fear with love.

It seems that they are able to see us all the time where ever they are and where ever we are. I’m still understanding the process of communicating with them. An interdimensional personality takes over and talks to them with my body.

The last message I received from my galactic sister was that my child made the decision to reincarnate through me. I will be giving birth to my galactic child in the future through this body. This isn’t the case for every hybrid mother.

The Role of a Hybrid Mother

Hybrid mothers are women who host galactic children in the non-physical world. This program is in place to filter out the souls that wish to incarnate on earth that haven’t ever been here before. These new souls are bright high vibrational beings that come to make change on different planets.

The hybrid mothers have human and extraterrestrial DNA. These women develop much human experience by creating many lives on earth. They use this knowledge to host a galactic child and instill them with an earth human frequency. Once they a tune to this frequency and understand it, then they can choose to participate in the earth program or not.

My galactic child has already finished the earth academy education and has decided to incarnate through me. This doesn’t always happen. I am honored that she chose me.

Visions into Different Dimensions

Another unique experience that has occured are deep visions from the future. I am getting visions of my daughter at different ages in her life. They seem so real, as though I am recalling a memory that hasn’t happened yet.

Or maybe it is happening right now, but in a different dimension. As my awareness of parallel realities expands, so does my perception of time and the workings of the universe.

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