Many people believe that the only way to manifesting their reality is by positive thinking. That can be a way, but it is not the only way and not the fastest by far. One major game changer to manifesting your reality is through “Co-Creation”. This can lead you to manifesting what you need or want in the same day to the same hour. The reason it is so powerful, is the fact that you are not doing all the work yourself.

Co-Creation is the process of energy exchange. More than one consciousness is putting energy and attention to the desired manifestation. One consciousness is pretty powerful, and two can do wonders! Now imagine if thousands could put all their collective energy into one idea, that would change the world overnight. I wonder if this is why many people don’t know about Co-Creation, the people who don’t have a vested interest in changing the world, would probably not want us to co-create in massive numbers. (** Cough…Cabal..Cough,Cough**). Conspiracies aside, one major take away from what you will learn is the power in numbers of those you trust.

Energy Exchange Explained…

The exchange of energy that occurs when two people have a SIMPLE conversation can probably be have low influence to one another’s energy. However, compared to an energy exchange that occurs when two people have a PASSIONATE conversation can highly influence each other’s energy! It is this HIGH energy exchange that gets the manifesting going. Two highly charged individuals with conscious ideas being programmed in the unconscious part of the brain, can lead to a reality shift. As mentioned in the previous article, the unconscious part of the mind is what’s creating our reality.

That is why meditation is so important, in meditation we are able to see and be aware of our unconscious thoughts. Simply by bringing awareness to what we are creating. Now that we know how important the unconscious mind can be, we must see the power in which we can tap into it.

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Stay Tuned at the End for my Gem Story!

Key Tip To Co-Creating…

One must be aware that I did say, “having a passionate conversation with a like minded individual”, can be beneficial. However; if one were to attempt to have a passionate conversation with an individual that has a negative attitude, or just didn’t match you in vibration, this can be disastrous. When you talk about something that you are passionate about, you vibrate very high, so sharing your idea with someone who does not match your vibration, will either, not hear your idea, or attack you for it. Your manifestation can actually take longer to manifest because of the negative energy exchange.

This is also very important to note, if people around you drain you or tire you out easily, that is a sign that the vibrational frequency does not match. Hanging around people who match your vibration will energize you and elevate you. Communicating your goals and dreams to high vibrational people will propel your ideas into physical reality faster!

DISCLAIMER: you are not a bad person if you have a negative attitude or are in a low vibration. You simply lack the mental disipline to change your thought patterns in that moment of your life. You can always learn to be more mindful and take control of your abundance energy.

Start Co-Creating Today…

One way you can start to rapidly manifest your ideas with co-creation is by calling a like minded friend and talking to them about your passions, dreams, or immediate goals. Let it be a genuine conversation, where you are interested in hearing about their life too. The stronger energy exchange comes from the pure intention of the conversation.

Now if you don’t have any like minded individuals, and find yourself to be pretty much alone. You can always join my free psychic school Facebook group and I would love to chat with you about your passions, dreams, or immediate goals.

Insightful Side Note…

These are times of reaching out to people and making genuine connections. We may live in our own reality, because as humans with bodies, we are able to feel separate and unique. This should not distance us, we are unique for a reason. We have so much to give and share and grow. Times may feel hard when energies get overwhelming, just know that you are not given what you can not handle.

You may have forgotten about the contract you made before manifesting a body, but you did plan all that has happened to you, and all that will happen to you. The forgetfulness is what gives us free will, but we can choose to embrace all that we are faced with and come out on top. At least that was the goal you aimed for when you made the contract. You can do it! Go outside of your comfort zone, grow, and evolve. Create the reality you want, and so it will be.

Blessed be.


A Tip for Raising your Vibration can be to Match at Crystal Vibrational Energy.

Crystals help us tune our energy and even regulate negative energy out. My absolute favorite crystal to wear and carry with me in my backpack is LABRADORITE. The energy of Labradorite is so powerful and protective that it ranks number one on my list. My experience with this crystal is that it helps boost my intuition and connection to my guides. It also protects my aura, I can notice this because I feel lighter when I have the gem with me. I invite you to work with crystal energy and consider building a relationship with the Labradorite Gem.

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This is me with my Labradorite Palm Gem and ring!

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