Our reality is not what it seems….

There are such things as inner earth beings. If you don’t already know this, I am going to tell you that YOU are multidimensional. Our human bodies are not all of what we are.  Most times, what we are usually isn’t important to know. BUT! Sometimes you come across inner earth beings, so its also important to share your experiences.

For some of us that are aware of what we are, it’s important for them to know they aren’t alone. This topic is for those people, the people who can relate to spacing out a lot, being aware that they can observe life around them in a third party perspective, and even find themselves connected to everything. Life takes on a whole new meaning when you find yourself letting go of the ego and being apart of the one.

My encounter with the inner earth beings started with a meditation. To natural astral travelers out there, you know what I mean when I say that meditation can take you to some deep places. For example, I have watched videos of people talk about their ayahuasca experience, and the things they saw. I personally have never done psychedelics, and I’m not against them. However, deep theta waves accessed through meditation can give you a similar result. So there’s that.

Except, things aren’t scary because you induced it, and you hold power over what you want to see to an extent. Versus the ayahuasca spirit plant will guide you to see what you need to see for optimum personal growth.

Practiced and self induced deep meditation is like a VR Program. Astral Travel is the program, and as the user, you can move where you want with focused thought. Continuing the VR analogy…your focused thoughts are steering your experience just as you would focus to move a controller around.

The experience leading to the encounter…

One night I sat down to meditate and I had no intention to leave the body, it was quite the opposite. I wanted to ground and stay focused in the body.

So, there I am just breathing, and letting my thoughts pass through as a silent observer. I was so in-tune with my body that I found a place inside of myself that was as large as space itself. I call this the center of head space, being in the sixth chakra. When I was in this place, there were no external running thoughts. However, I did find that I was not alone.

This large blue orb like entity came to me and wanted to distract me. I was just floating sitting criss cross  in my own inner mind space not being bothered. I told the entity that I was just being and did not want to interact with it. It persisted to want to get my attention, so I put a bubble around me that canceled out the noise. And I did this with the speed of a single thought to form it.

I am not sure how long it was, time feels different when you are in altered states of consciousness. So, at some point the entity knew what I had done to ignore it and lifted the bubble like it was a glass jar and made it disappear.

I tried to do another one but I knew it would be pointless, so I sank down. I sank down deep into the earth. I knew at this point that I was out of the body, and it was not planned but I felt called to keep going. To go deeper and deeper into the earth. The earth was so thick!! So much dirt and rock, layer upon layer.

Time at this point felt like it was taking forever, so I decided to go down deeper at speeds of light. I soon reached a part of the earth that was hot, very hot. Even though it was hot, the heat was not uncomfortable, and that hot layer was long and deep too.

The next layer was cold and it was a bit shocking at first that two layers could be so close together and not conflict with each other. The ice layer was not that deep or long to go through. Soon I found myself outside of an energy barrier. This barrier was programmed to keep things out and it nearly fooled me. But once I felt its energy and connected with it, I just passed right through!

The next thing I knew I was in the far end of a village/settlement/ community, I dont have the words to describe it very well. And these next segments of experiences are going to fall short as well, because the human language can’t give it true justice.

The inner earth beings…

As I was walking through the walkways of these inner earth being’s homes, I came across one of them. I felt that it was a “him”, and I instinctively knew to communicate telepathically. He asked me for my name and I was about to send over to him my earth name Marbella, but I knew that wasn’t my real name. So sent him my name in light language, and explained that my human body name was Marbella. He told me that I had to meet someone.

I let him walk me to the other side of their settlement, we passed by many homes. Their homes look like they are made of this silver fiber material and it doesn’t look strong at all, but looks almost squishy. As I was walking, I could also sublely feel my energy changing, its like my astral body took on a more solid form and adapted to the vibration of these beings.

Once we reached the home he was taking me to, I was introduced to this lady. She looked completely different than the male being that lead me there. He was a tall white blonde figure with transparent flowy clothing. She on the other hand had long straight black hair with fair skin and large indigo colored eyes. The strangest part wasn’t her appearance, it was the sensation I got when I made eye contact with her.

It was as though I was looking at myself, and as that thought went through my mind, I felt us merge and subtly twist into each other, then……….nothing.

I opened my eyes back at my apartment in my earth body. Slowly adjusting to having my consciousness put back in a tiny container that is the human body. I am not joking when I say that we are tiny. The first thing I noticed was how small my hands were.

So so small! I can only imagine how big those inner earth beings were.

Another afterthought to that experience was the shift in consciousness, I feel that we are them. The feelings we get of being connected to everything must stem from the connection that we are extensions to other higher dimensional life forms. Our human experience is important because we collect information that is ultimately used by those higher dimensional aspects of us. And at the same time, we are an experiment to be able to think differently, experience separation, and create our own reality in this earth program.

Some people call the inner earth beings, the Anshar. I don’t think that is their name, but to human ears that word probably comes close. There is a lot out there, and as a human collective we are being given access to this kind of information right now because something big is coming.

I, don’t even know what it is, because it’s not important to know, so don’t get scared. When it’s important to know, we will know. For now, I hope my shared experience with the inner earth beings will expand your mind to know of what it is capable of and how important, now more than ever it is to do some self exploration. I also hope this inspires you to develop a meditative practice, so that you too can dive deep into who you are.

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Blessed be!


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