How to improve your clairvoyance for any natural empath, sensitive, starseed, witch, or light worker that would probably be very good at sensing energy, this is for you. Learning to improve your clairvoyance will help you understand what the energy is, or where the energy is coming from? This is how learning to improve your clairvoyance can be very beneficial! 

The ability to see and trust your intuition are the simple key elements to clairvoyance. By tapping into your clairvoyance, a processing of information will occur through your sixth and seventh chakras. Processing information from a place of knowingness.

When we feel energy in our heart, stomach, hands, or legs, we are being clairsentient. This is processing information from the lower chakras. And this is not bad, its just another way of sensing energy. It’s just when we sense energy this way it may feel more heavy, stuck, or intense and most of the time you won’t have a clue why or how to deal with it. 

Talking about energy and how it sometimes gets stuck in the body is an important topic, especially for people who are coming into their psychic abilities. Which is more and more people! 

One important thing to note before I explain how to improve your clairvoyance is that, the process of increasing your clairvoyance will make you more sensitive to self-sabatoshing behavior. This happens because when you start to see the energy in your space more clairvoyantly, you can see where it comes from and what it is. Many times we cause our own suffering based on who we hangout with or what we expose our self to (for example: tv, social media, food, music, etc.) So I advise that you ground daily for best mental health results. 

Now, my techniques will be most helpful for people who are very visual, are sensitive to energy, and are willing to trust their intuition…

How to improve your Clairvoyance Step one: 

Practicing a visual meditation for one whole week straight. This will not only make you strengthen your sixth chakra, but will help you center your mind if you don’t already meditate.

It’s important that when you practice a visual meditation, that you really use your imagination! The more visual the better, and when you start to feel pressure in your forehead, then that is a good indication that you are flexing your sixth chakra.

Now don’t go focusing on the pressure and make it into uncomfortable pain. Just be aware as you do a visual meditation, that if you start to feel pressure in your mind then it is a good sign. 

The process of meditating visually for a whole week straight might sound easy, but it is not. You will have moments where you just don’t want to meditate, but you must push through and meditate. Your body or mind may want to resist meditating visually on the sixth or seventh day, being aware of the energy in your space is a shocking thing.

When you are forced to look at it, you may find some things you don’t like. (for example: recurring negative thoughts, you may see people’s faces, or you may start to get emotional) .

My advise: FLOW WITH IT. Don’t identify with it, just observe it.

I have a free visual meditation PDF called “Sensitive Psychic Must Have“.

How to improve your Clairvoyance Step 2:

You will have to practice trusting your intuition! You can do this by yourself or with an encouraging and non-judgmental friend.

Start first with yourself by drawing oracle cards or tarot cards. Depending on what card you get, trust the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the card, what is the meaning you are getting from it?

If you are doing this with a (friend) you can use cards too. Give them a card reading. Same principle, trust the first thing you see when looking at the cards. You don’t have to study a tarot card book to read with tarot. Tarot is a tool for your intuition.


Just sit down in front of them (your friend) and close your eyes. Visualize them in your mind and see if anything comes up and trust it and say it out loud. Your encouraging and non-judgmental friend will stay silent until you are done. Then they can tell you if you picked up on anything.

Working with a friend gains results faster when expanding your clairvoyance. But the most important thing is to practice, practice, practice

How to improve your Clairvoyance Step 3: Hogwarts…

Do you find yourself wanting to expand and manage your natural psychic abilities, but find yourself alone and in the dark about it. Don´t worry, most of us started that way, I know I sure did. That is why I want to share my knowledge and hold space for those that want to master the energy in their space.

I run a private facebook group called “Star Blossom Mannor of Psychic Development“. Where you will be learning along side like-minded individuals that can be your tribe during this time of expansion. I host live meditations, share psychic protection tools, and chat about dream interpretations all for free.

Blessed be!

-Your friendly neighborhood shaman!

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