Anyone can learn how to see energy with your eyes in these three simple exercises. Everyone can already FEEL energy, but learning how to SEE energy with your eyes can be a powerful skill to have when you need reminding on just how magical this world can be. I am going to share three simple exercises that can train you how to see energy with your eyes. If you are not new to seeing energy, then you might be familiar with some of these exercises. 

However, I have been training myself how to see energy with my eyes for over 10 years and I have a unique exercise that will get you to instantly see energy the moment you start to practice it! 

First some of you may wonder why this skill is even necessary. And if I’m being honest, it’s not. This skill is not needed to survive in the matrix. But, if you are tired of the matrix and want to escape it, this skill is absolutely needed to help you dissolve the programming illusion of this world and its false solidity. 

If you are ready to perceive the world in a completely different way, and live life on a completely different level. Then these three exercises can be your tool to seeing past the illusion, and you can even share them with your friends. Build a group of friends that share common interests to where you all can expand and evolve your minds together. 

So here we go, the first exercise is a classic. 

How To See Energy With Your Eyes Exercise #1

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Place your hand against a white background. 

And focus on the center of your hand. 

Allow your eyes to relax.

Use your peripheral vision to notice the changes. 

Refrain from focusing on the details of your hand and just be aware of the silhouette of your hand.

When you are in the zone, your breathing will be slower, almost non existent. It’s  simply on autopilot. 

When you start to see energy moving around your hand, you will be aware of your heart beat. 

Practice looking at your hand with your peripheral vision until you notice your own heart beat. 

Bring your tongue to rest at the roof of your mouth and let your jaws relax with teeth not touching.

With practice you will start to see your hand blur in and out, or even static color shifting on top or around the silhouette of your hand. Also called the aura. Check out my aura self care article.

This is energy. 

How To See Energy With Your Eyes Exercise #2

Print out this graphing paper layout to practice with or create your own. You will need paper with symmetrical lines on it. 

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You will want to practice crossing your eyes in and out with this paper. 

This will allow you to train your peripheral vision to adjust at will with time. Flow with how the squares are moving, less control and more allowing the shift to happen.

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Practice Crossing your eyes out with the graph and cross them out enough to see only two columns in the middle. 

You can practice crossing your eyes to see three columns in the middle. 

You can practice crossing your eyes to see one column in the middle.

I would advise you not to practice this more than 10 minutes at a time. 

You will strain your eyes if you do this for long periods of time.

And it doesn’t take long to master this. 

Practicing this a couple days in a row and you will be a master at this particular exercise.

Now here is a different effect you can practice with the graph. This one will take more practice time to master. Being patient with yourself helps.

how to see energy with your eyes
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Practice crossing your eyes in, imagine you are looking past the graph. 

Focus on the middle of the graph and allow your vision to dive into the paper, using only peripheral focus.

You might fight the blur, but my advise is to just let it happen.

It may seem that it will never zoom in, but it will.

You will notice the graph squares fold into one another and appear to be bigger. 

Relax your gaze and it will zoom in.

The longer you can hold this zoom in effect, the more energy you will be able to notice in your peripheral vision. 

You might see waves, or static waves, or colors blobs.

This is energy.

Here is an additional resource on how to see energy. It’s good to find different perspectives.

Take breaks as needed.

One more practice you can do with the graph is this one, and it’s my favorite! And relatively easy.

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First you want to lay down the graph paper flat on a table, look at the paper from above at an angle and cross your eyes out

You will see the pattern shift and cross and it will LIFT.

Practice this until you are able to see the square pattern rise. 

When the pattern rises, you will start to see jumping little balls of light.

Looking like a hologram, with waves of energy running across it.

That is energy as well.

How To See Energy With Your Eyes Exercise #3

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Go outside during the day and stand or sit in the shade.

Look out to the sky, whether its a blue sky or a cloudy sky, it doesn’t matter.

Begin to cross your eyes out.

Let your eyes blur and use your peripheral vision to see.

You will see jumping little white balls of light in the sky.

You can adjust the zoom in or zoom out of the little lights by focusing on your peripheral vision in or out. 

If you focus on the little lights, they will fade away. So avoid staring directly at the energy in the air.

When practicing this, think of looking “in between space” not at space. 

Energy is everywhere, even in between space. 

The practice of seeing energy can shift our mind to be relaxed. This happens because it forces you to focus on one thing. Thinking too much can distract you from being in the present moment.

This is why you can feel calm, peaceful, and joyous when observing energy. Because it brings you to the present moment.

Continue to practice these three exercises and you will start to shift the way you perceive this world. 

Questions are always welcomed, reach out to my contact page if you have any.

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Blessed be!

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