Horoscope/ Energy Update

October 1st, 2022 (Grounded and Generous)
This grounded month will be guiding new connections and peace of mind around emotional patterns. The energy of heaviness has lifted, it is time to enjoy the moment and to plan and focus on new projects with the intention of spontaneous opportunities.Trust all the...
“New and Extreme Growth” -Aug 29th, 2022
Today's energy is moving into a place of new and extreme growth. This is the time to be prepared for any turns and pivots on projects. Your focus may feel like it can be laser-focused and at the same time, it may have a multitasking quality. Know that your intuition...
Rejoice In Gratitude- Aug. 8th, 2022
Today's energy is guiding in gratitude for the individuals around you that have been strong support systems. It's time to reach out and express gratitude. Participate in the love of being thankful. This is especially true if you have been feeling as though your ego is...

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