Healing Sessions

I do one-on-one private healing sessions in person or on zoom call to make positive changes and bring forth personal growth. I guide and hold space for the healing. This is possible through 3 healing techniques.

My 3 Healing Techniques


Light Language Healing

This is a vibrational healing, the cosmic language that I will either sing or speak will send a frequency to your body. The vibrational frequency is targeting the unconscious energy that is blocking your spirit from communicating to your higher self. Thus, allowing the vibrational frequency connection to shift your awareness to heal what ever you need.


Timeline Repair Healing

This is a astral healing, the timeline of any life you have lived can be accessed with this method. This technique allows the person’s astral self to jump back in time and heal trauma that took place. The event it’s self will not change but how we reacted to it will, and thus create a new timeline for the present moment. The energy from that time will end and you will feel a shift.


Chakra Cleanse Healing

This is an energy healing, I will teach you how to clean your chakras with the Tree Of Life Meditation. This meditation is a method of channeling earth and cosmic energy into the body and cleaning out the chakra system. I will guide and teach you this sacred practice, along with how to fill up with your own golden essence. This powerful technique can make a difference in regulating mood swings.


ENERGY CLEANSING- “I had such a tough day and Marbella came along and offered to do an energy cleansing. It made an immediate difference in how I felt. But about 5 or so minutes later it was a whole new day for me like none of the frustration and stress was there.
She is also very wise and has a peaceful calm energy and is very focused while doing her works. You can feel her positive loving intentions the moment you meet her and it shows in everything she does!”

Emma Eason

LIGHT LANGUAGE- “The light language was out of this world, and really happy that I ordered a session. The singing was astounding and also brought lots of healing especially for my higher chakras and my third eye, as well as as few etheric Implants, reccommend for anyone on their spiritual journey!”


Psychic & Artist

Book Your Healing Session

To set aside a time for your private healing sessions you may book your time with me on this page after the payment is completed.

In the “COMMENTS” section, please specify what type of healing you would like ( Light Language, Timeline Repair, or Chakra Cleanse).

You can check session prices by clicking on the session choices. It will pop up on the bottom blue tab once selecting a session choice. Each session is 30 mins long.

 You will complete two steps.

Complete your information in the booking form and click “Book the Session”. You will get two emails, one with a confirmation and one with your receipt.

When you complete the booking you will be taken to the next page automatically to pick your best time in my calendar.


Just reply to the email confirmation after you book the session.


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Book Your Session

Please book your session below. You will be able to pick your best date in the next step. 

You will get a fair price when choosing two and three sessions.

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Booked sessions are not refunded. But can be rescheduled.

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