The most interesting cases of repeating life patterns occur in family line traumas. Our genes are not just some indication of whether we will inherit a blue or brown eye, they hold so much information that is emotional as well. People can be quick to dismiss such details, however scientists now have substantial evidence for epigenetics. Their research explains how depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and irrational fears can be passed down the family line.

Many people find themselves with traits and behaviors that follow a pattern in karmic family line trauma and feel they don’t get much relief from western medicine. These traumas that are past down the family line need a different kind of healing. When I say trauma, I mean mental and or physical abuse in the family line.

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My Tip on Smudge Cleansing is down below!

So it could have happened to your mother, father, or their parents and it is still affecting your energy in some way. It is like you can feel a heaviness in your family history and it might not directly affect you, but in small ways it influences your behavior. Therefore it is most noticeable when you see a repeated pattern from what they did in their youth to what you did in your youth. These are karmic patterns.

Karmic patterns are meant to teach lessons. We are all connected, so it does not care if you repeat the mistake of your parents, even if it was not your lesson to learn. For example, if it was one of your parents lessons to learn, then it played out through you. Since we are all connected, karma will have been serving justice if they did learn it or not.

However, we are in more high vibrational times, and the collective is waking up. We will no longer need to learn lessons that way. So, now we are learning to heal any and all family line karma with love and conscious awareness.

The Healing Process

The healing process can be as simple as seeing the pattern, and embracing forgiveness for them and for yourself, all the while feeling love for them and yourself. This works very well, because you are acknowledging the past and are moving forward with love in the present.

However, most times the healing process can be very long and painful. We humans aren’t taught to be aware of family karma and it’s influencing presence in our behavior. So, when we do notice a pattern, we tend to blame them for our misfortunes. It is the lack of love and forgiveness that prolongs the healing process in ultimately ending the karma.

We are beings of love and when we embrace that love, we are at our most powerful. We are powerful enough to heal and end family karma through the whole genetic line! All it takes is compassion and a willingness to embrace pain for the strong release of healing ones self. We must also remember that pain is temporary, and love is eternal. We might have been told growing up that it was the opposite, but that was only from the projection of their own fragmented self. Deep down, we know that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

How to Heal Family Karma

First we must know the signs of when family karma is in effect. Some signs and symptoms of family karma are irrational fears, emotional ups and downs, being quick to anger, feeling easily insulted, feeling the need to control others, and having random aches and pains in the body when you get stressed. All these triggers are linked to family trauma in the genetic line. The key to healing the karma is by being aware of WHEN you react in these ways or notice the pain in the body.

Healing Technique

As soon as you are aware of your mood swing, being quick to anger, the irrational fear, or pain in the body.

You must close your eyes and put your hand to your heart and imagine a bright light coming from your palm and healing that pain.

Then after you say out loud, “I forgive you….., and I forgive myself. I love you…., and I love myself”. This phrase is very powerful.

What gives it ultimate power is your belief in the words. You must truly forgive yourself and love yourself. Karma ends when you embrace forgiveness and self love. So give this a try the next time you have your emotional ups and downs. Increase your free will by ending family karma.

Blessed be everyone!


Self healing can be such a sacred practice and if you want to honor your magical healing self, I also recommend doing a smudging cleanse. Cleansing the energy around you, or even the objects you use everyday, can bring about positive mood changes. I invite you to get a smudging kit to start that weekly cleanse!

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