The full moon may affect everyone differently, however no one can deny that something does affect us during that time. The full moon is a powerful agent of the soul. One must realize that the moon and man have always had a great connection.

The fact that crazy shit happens during the full moon is not a lie. However, the suggestion that people can blame it all on the moon is a complete excuse for inappropriate behavior. The moon may increase and intensify our human experience, but thats all its doing. Whatever gets increased or intensified is completely on the individual being affected.


My theory on lack of sleep during full moons is that individuals are processing a lot of unconscious information during their sleep. The unconscious process is bring people to gather energy in their body from emotional release and thus keeps them awake.

When people release an emotional block or trauma, the body has an empty space that needs filling. So, if the person embraces self love, then the space gets filled with revitalizing energy and keeps it up.

But, if the person releases it and fills back up with fear from another issue, you will sleep but will wake up feeling tired. You will feel tired because the body is still processing the new fear. Therefore, when you get insomnia during the full moon, it is a good sign that your body is healing itself.

Energy Purges

Full moons are also associated with mood swings. A couple days before a full moon and the few days after are the most intense mood days during a full moon.

I like to call the mood swings “energetic purges”, these emotional states are happening for a reason, even if someone did or didn’t directly trigger you. These emotions are meant to be felt, so that they can be let go.

The reason they are coming up in that moment is for you to be open for an opportunity that would otherwise be missed because of the emotional blockage.  

Tips to help with Energetic Purges

  1. It can help to be with loving supportive people.
  2. Even if you are feeling crappy, believe that it will pass soon.
  3. Emotional intensity is a temporary state.
  4. So feel the pain, cry it out, yell it out, talk it out, or write it out.
  5. Do tasks that require minimal effort and bring a zen state. (meditate, draw, knit, sing, yoga, listen to music, etc.)

-Marbella Barajas

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