The powerful transformation from learning to embrace your triggers can be a painful process. As life takes us through a path of what we perceive as pain, we tend to step back and avoid these learning experiences. 

These experiences are triggering our past pain. When we face a situation and the knee jerk reaction is to pull away. Our subconscious programming is only trying to protect us. However, pulling away and avoiding to process your reaction will only result in repeating the same pain. For when we embrace the pain and face the triggers with an observant perspective. We can process our reaction in a passive state. Which can help shift us to grow and move past the initial pain or fear. This approach can lead to transformation.

How Does One Embrace Their Triggers? 

This process is different for everyone, but some ways that can bring success is through your willingness to not react and just observe. To observe a trigger, is to validate your present emotions. Those present emotions are your past pain coming to the surface. To bring the past to the present requires a gentle touch of forgiveness.

Forgiving yourself from the frustration you are currently experiencing is the best self love you can show yourself. A simple affirmation that can be said out loud can be, “I LOVE MYSELF, AND I FORGIVE MYSELF”.

 Next, fully understand that what triggers us has nothing to do with what triggered us. Meaning, we must not blame a person for making us feel a certain way. Blame is not the answer to inner growth. Our feelings are our feelings alone, period. That being said, it is within our control to heal from our triggers.

Our triggers pop up for a reason. That reason can be as simple as it being time for that pain to be revisited. When pain is revisited, it can give us an opportunity to heal from it. It’s important to acknowledge our emotions, but not to identify with them.  

We are human and its okay to feel very deeply, but to blame the hurt feelings on someone else is not only hurting our growth but it’s also called projection. Projecting your feelings on others can temporarily make you feel better. But those feelings will come back in someone else to trigger you again. We can’t escape our triggers, but we can transform through them. 

Once embracing the triggers, there are steps one can take to process the trigger. These steps are called shadow work. Shadow work is a re-evaluation of your opinions, beliefs, or inner dialogue on a particular subject.

This particular subject can be the deeper cause of your trigger. A trigger can make us experience sadness, anger, frustration, etc. The connection to the emotion can be love, money, romance, beauty, self-worth, abandonment, rejection, etc. Now depending on your awareness of the emotional connection.

You’d want to do shadow work on either the emotion itself or the connection it stems from. There is an in depth video on this process on my youtube channel. 

Personal development is not only something we can read about “how to do”, but something we can watch as well. This new year 2020 will bring lots of opportunities and triggers for us to grow from.

Don’t miss out on the self-love and self-growth these painful experiences can teach you. It may be painful to process deep emotions, but I can promise you the reward of feeling whole and balanced. This harmonious state of being is worth the inner work of processing your pain. Many thanks to those that already do this, you are clearing a path for a new world. A world where relationships can be cared for with love and growth.

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