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crystal course
Course Details

Types Of Commonly Used Crystals For…

  • psychic development
  • self love
  • confidence
  • protection
  • abundance
  • balance

Crystal Practices Like…

  • Crystal Grids
  • Crystal Meditation
  • Crystal Spells
  • Crystal Programming
  • Crystal Water
  • Crystal Sharing

Crystal Care Like…

  • Salt Baths
  • Full Moon Light
  • Energy Clearing
  • Dissolving Intentions
Can I Try This Course For FREE?

This course has 3 modules, and the first two lessons of the first module are free, as well as the third lesson of the second module is free.

So, go check out the course and start it at no charge.

Is This Course For Me?

This course helps you build a knowledge around crystals and how to connect with them in several ways you probaby havn’t thought of before.

Are you interested in learning to program your crytsals and have them complete tasks for you?

If yes, you will enjoy this course with it’s simple and clear informational layout.

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