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1. An increase in audience!

People Who Want Your Help!

The days where you are sharing your interdimensional knowledge with friends and family are over.

The world is ready to hear and listen to what you have to share.


Deciding If This Is Right For You

Are you looking to expand your email list?

Do you want to an audience that is interested in your teachings?

We want to help you, help the world.

We know that people are looking for you and your unique message!

Submit to us a contribution of your teachings, a guided meditation, or a one page “how to” practice guide!

How It Works?

Make sure your contribution is matching the monthly bundle theme and we share your work with people.

You need to have an email service in place to catch those subscribers that are interested in you!

You create a langing page with your free lesson or teaching practice and we add that landing page to our bundle.

People will be able to see your work and follow you as a new voice they resonate with.

Allowing you to boost your email list and create an authentic audience that is interested in your message!

What You Have To Do!

When we accept your contribution, you will let your followers know of your participation in our bundle.

Many other creators and leaders will do the same and the combined outreach will bring new followers and a fresh audience to your business.

Contribution- Theme of the month

2. Our Theme Bundle This Month Is GROUNDING!

What Can I Submit?

Create from your heart on what you do or teach around “GROUNDING”.

  • Ascension Tips
  • Grounding Mini Course
  • Sacred Grounding Space Checklist
  • Grounding Audio Meditation
  • Grounding Video Lesson
  • A “How To” One Pager On Grounding

These are just examples to inspire some ideas for your contribution.

How To Submit Your Contribution?

You will first need to have a website or an email service that allows you to create landing pages.

The goal for you is to build your audience and increase your email list to genarate more authentic leads that will resonate with your message.

I will have a form below and you can fill in your name and email there to get the full step by step on how to submit your contribution.

I look forward to helping you spread your message with the world 🙂


I Don't Have An Email Service?

I recommend you check out my how to set up an email service video! 🙂

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