The energetic world is changing and shifting us on a cosmic level now, aura self care will be helpful to those that are becoming more sensitive to the company of others, the music we listen to, and the foods we eat.

Bright and beautiful clean energetic auras will bring more blissful moments, states of alignment, and improve self-esteem. So how do people start an aura self care routine?

Aura self care can look different to many people, however the constant energetic self care focus point is being observant of how your emotions are doing. Depending on how calm or sporadic our emotions are, can most likely be a clear indication of how the aura looks like.   

This quick little aura self care check list can help further your knowledge on how best to take care of your aura

Aura’s That Are In Need Of Self Care

Some of the common traits of an aura with many holes or rips can be an aura of a person that experiences panic attacks, high anxiety, or nervous stomachs.

These symptoms pop up because the person is a very giving person, they have big hearts and embrace people that at times don’t appreciate them. A person with this aura is likely very intuitive and can pick up subtext very accurately.

The accuracy is possible because of the aura’s ability to expand and contract. When the aura is expanded, energy fills it, like a sponge with water. And depending on what the energy feels like can determine the kinds of effects it can have on your emotions or physical body.

If you are someone that experiences high anxiety or a nervous stomach, the chances that your aura is expanded and filled up with many people’s energy is very likely. This can happen to anyone, but most of the time this happens to very sensitive people. Even though this sounds like a terrible experience, learning to manage the energy of your aura can be a big super power! 

Imagine the ability to expand your aura and connect with a special person on a deep level and fully feel the amazing person that they are. This can help you find the love of your life.

Or on a more academic practical level, expanding your aura towards your university professor in a lecture, absorbing and comprehending the material twice as fast. People assume that emotions and feelings are the only thing that auras can absorb, but intellect can be absorbed too. Scoring higher on exams and studying less.

The aura is like a muscle, it reacts on your command and can learn to hold memory on your specific commands. Energy moves where your focus goes. 

Auras are simply intelligent energetic fields. Everything around us has an aura, from a plant quietly sitting in a pot, to furry cuddly animals, and even inanimate objects. Our daily experience is interconnectedly involved with energy exchange. From the words we speak to the actions we take towards people, animals or things. All energy is shared, and it all leaves an imprint. 

Are Aura’s A Super Power?

The knowledge of aura self care can help you tap into those imprints mentioned above. 

The ability to receive information from an energetic field is commonly called psychometry. The psychic community would agree that this ability is mostly used with the hand chakras, but the aura also plays a role when you are consciously focusing your energy on reading the energy of a specific thing.

For example: picking up on the energy of a room when walking in…

The energetic imprints on objects, animals, and people are always there. Unconsciously we pick up on it all the time, as a “gut feeling”, “intuition”, or “a sense of feeling off”. Our Aura is always doing what we want, it moves with our thoughts, emotions, and desires. Aura self care can be a very grounding tool for everyone.

Aura’s are an extension of our being, we are multi-dimensional. The more we learn about the rhythm of our energy and how its impacted by other’s. The better we can manage emotions, and create a wholesome sense of self. Where we can live with deep meaningful self-esteem and be resilient to life’s chaotic events with grace.

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