The feeling of minor adrenaline is still coursing through my body! I have just Astral Projected to several places on earth. It might sound odd but some of my favorite places to sit and meditate are while I’m on the toilet. I just relax and start my breath spirals. I get so relaxed to the point that I can open my eyes and still hold the relaxed trance state. I look in the mirror and focus on my eyes from the reflection. I continue to breath intentionally while looking at my reflection. My vision starts to blur like a hazy Instagram filter, and I know my consciousness is in a receptive mode.

I start to think and picture others in my mind while looking at my reflection but not focusing on my face. My focus is in my mind and what I’m picturing. I am able to call several faces to my mind and as I do, I become less and less aware of my body. It’s like I’ve I expanded outside of my body and mind. It’s like I’m a part of everything and everyone. As I connect to others, I experience life as them in those short seconds of holding them in my thoughts.

After doing that, I plan now to actually travel out and see them. First, I picture my boyfriend in the cafe I am in. I exit through the bathroom door and walk down the short stairs in a floating sharp speed. I see him sitting at the table typing away. I look around and hover for a moment in complete amazement. Now, I go back to my body.

This time I picture my mom’s house in California. I just appear there this time, and I walk around the living room into the kitchen. I see her and she actually sees me too! I hug her so hard. I turn around and see my sister and her girlfriend. I give them a hug too! Though they seem to be a little less aware of my presence. My brother comes out from the living room and I jump hug him! I didn’t stay too long to chat, but it was great to see them! It seems my astral body was able to call out to my mom’s astral body and experience an interaction. Whether as my siblings had no idea I was there or that I hugged them.

I was back to my body and eyes sore from having them open for so long. I have done similar things like this in the past, but I have never been able to interact with others when I visit them. I was so shocked that I could actually hug and have at least my mom see me!

The veil of this dimension and others are colliding. Interdimensional travel will be a reality for others in the future. It is definitely a part of my reality now. As we eat healthier, think healthier, and act healthier, we will be able to expand our consciousness in great capacities. Many people already astral travel very well. I can only imagine how it will be when this becomes common place.

My hope for the future is that we live in a society where people can communicate freely and without words. Instantaneous human connection!


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