The spiritual community has been mentioning ascension symptoms, and these are very much real. Have you ever had a random ache or pain in the body? These aches or pains are a physical manifestation of emotional release. The amount of emotional baggage you leave behind and or repress can be a direct relation to your body’s sensitivity.

Emotional Release

These emotional releases usually occur during full moons, however it can also happen at anytime. I want to emphasize emotional releases because someone may be experiencing a body ache or pain, and if they are not releasing the repressed emotion. Therefore, it might be pain from still holding on to it.

It’s important to note that releasing emotion is more soul reviving than repressing it. Repressing emotion can leave you feeling toxic or stuck in pain.

The fine print to releasing emotion!

You will feel pain whether you release it or hold on to it. However, your overall outlook on life will change, if you release it. I believe that people who choose to release experience more fulfillment in their life than someone who represses.

Being human is a tough experience. As a soul, you know this and its the power of personal growth one gains by experiencing ascension symptoms.

A simple explanation to those who feel themselves evolving is… it’s a process! To get through the aches and pains, you have to love yourself in the present moment. No matter if you are experiencing a blasting headache, buzzing in the ears, eyes being sore, pain in the arms, and pain in the legs. Trust your intuition and send love to the pain.

DNA Activation

Ascension symptoms are a sign of evolution through our DNA. Our DNA is very complex and not just a network of genetics. We hold tons of information in our strands.

What is being activated?

The information we hold is of life experience from the lineage of the body we have. It’s past bloodline behavior, emotional patterns, and trauma is stored there. We carry it into this life and act it out.

However, as we become more aware, and start the healing process. We are clearing the emotional blocks of our DNA. As we clear the blocks (aka karmic pain), we raise our vibration and start to unlock our DNA code that has been suppressed through past programming.

Our DNA gets activated!

DNA activation is not being an empath, telepath, portal walker, or clairvoyant. Those are natural abilities we are born with. The activation of our DNA is the understanding of what we can do and mastering the natural abilities we came with.

-Marbella Barajas

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