Intuitive channels are leaders for teaching and embodying the new energies for this consciousness expansion. There are many old souls and new awakening souls. How does one know if they are a leader for the consciousness movement? Many great leaders have an “inner voice” that guides them. For the spiritual community, this is the ability of an intuitive channel. 

What is an intuitive channel? 

This ability has to do with the divine information a person receives. We must be aware that the human body can warp and bend messages from other dimensions. Meaning that channeling can be unreliable. Physicality and density does tint the lens of an intuitive channel. But that does not mean they can not relay accurate messages. This is just a caution for understanding as this natural gift can be open for everyone but so far only accessed by a select few. And there are ways on how to purify your channel so that you can become a better and more accurate intuitive channel. 

As we awaken more into our heart and expand the vibration of our soul, we will be noticing the collective awaken to this information on psychic phenomena and bridge the gap for this necessary evolution in consciousness. Tapping into your intuitive channel is important because it connects us to each other and can better guide us through synchronicity and perfect alignment for the life we are meant to experience. 

Here is a list of traits to know if you are tapping into your intuitive channel ability! 

You are able to reach moments of clarity and focus to which time and space don’t matter. (You are finding yourself content with the present moment and lose track of time or even the day in the week regularly)

You receive messages and insights in your dreams, often having very vivid dreams and wake up with strong energy that makes you look at life differently even if you don’t know how to interpret your dreams.

You regularly come across repeating numbers and symbols that have significance to your life. Some repeating numbers for intuitive channels are 1111, 333, 999, 1414, 111, 1234, 888, 777, 444, 555, 222, etc. (If you see these regularly and don’t know what they mean, its time to look them up and start using these signs as a tool for guiding your life) 

You have a wide imagination, you may be telepathic or clairvoyant. Images and stories pop very easily in your mind. This is your connection with the morphic field, learn to meditate and this can improve your intuitive channel. Imagine being able to conjure up information in an instant and trust it. This is the potential of an intuitive channel. 

You are a very observant person, this means you physically take in a lot of information. This is important for your subconscious mind to store and hand back out to you the messages you need when you or the people around you need them. All information is stored in your subconscious, this is why everyone says, “everything you need is already inside you”. And this piece that is inside you, is also connected to everything around you. So tapping into yourself can help you tap into everyone. 

You process emotions and energy gradually but quickly. This means, you can be prone to be very emotional and feel a lot at once. With patience and surrender to these strong feelings, they pass by quicker and fade just as easily. Sometimes leaving you both energized and wanting rest. You can be emotional during the full moon, new moon and days before those days and days after those days. That is a lot of feeling! This is why patience and surrender is necessary. Any attempt to suppress and reject these feelings will be disastrous to your health long term. 

You may be drawn to seek out psychic readings for their energy and ability to see you and or heal you. This means you have trust in divine forces and wish to work with them. An intuitive channel always finds a way to attract other intuitive channels into their life. For this reason you may also be drawn to tarot cards, runes, palmistry, witchcraft, shamanism, reiki, etc. 

These are just some ways you can tell if you are tapping into your intuitive channel. You are in a beautiful time to be alive. More now than ever it’s important to tap in and connect with yourself and build a trust with your intuition. The more you follow your heart and trust your intuition the better you are able to strengthen your intuitive channel and align to a life you wish to experience. Incarnations are not good or bad, they are simply experience. Aligning to a life you wish to experience is your divine right! 

Tapping into your intuitive channel and purifying it can help you get there faster and help more people along the way. The more that each of us embody a life that brings happiness the more that others can match that energy and do the same but the way that makes sense for them.

I invite you to sign up to my spiritual newsletter and download my free guided meditation and chakra healing e-course. You do not have to be alone on this journey! Much love blessed ones!

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