Our lives are picture perfect, correct?! Well unless you actually have a perfect life, here are the 2 reasons you want to connect with nature. So, let’s start off and say that physical nature is not the only thing I will talk about. 

Many times, and especially over the course of history, the developed human being has sought to find solutions for their problems outside of themselves. And there might be reason to seek outside of oneself, for we are human and there is no shame in seeking help. But, one underutilized resource can shed so much clarity to one’s  current life problems. 

One reason you want to connect with nature

This resource is intuition and shadow work, one’s true inner nature holds not only one’s talents but their perceived faults. Shadow work is a term used to describe self reflection and integration of what ones shadow self might be. Shadow selves may be seen as faults, negative characteristics, or unwanted behavioral traits. 

The process of trusting your intuition is also done by integrating your shadow self. When you truly learn to use and love your faults, you will gain awareness of what your intuition has to communicate to guide you. 

Connecting with our inner true nature can bring the most powerful healing and growth. 

Going deep within to heal, is easier said than done. It is a practice, hence shadow “WORK”. The tool that has shown most success is meditation, and learning to respond before reacting to things. Emotions don’t define one’s self, however they can allow an individual to experience great feeling. Shadow work is most successful when one practices observing an emotion, other than identifying and reacting to it.

And this must also be mentioned…by all means and purposes, emotions are not meant to be suppressed, on the contrary. They best help release what one needs to in the present moment. Connecting to the present moment is the awareness that gives direction for what to focus on if shadow work is something one wants to do. 

Second reason you want to connect with nature

Now this brings us to the second reason you want to connect with nature. Physical nature is one of the greatest reminders for living in the present moment. One can notice that physical nature can be beautiful but also others may perceive it to be bad, ugly, or unwanted. Yet, one can understand that all of physical nature has a purpose. From the beautiful springtime, to those harsh winters.

Nature has integrated its shadow self and embraces all its faults as tools to benefit the planet. One can come to see physical nature as the emotions of earth. Earth does not identify itself as being solely its surface nature. Therefore, earth understands its appearance and uses all its emotion to function as a celestial sphere in motion through the cosmos.

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Expand your mind with a new view in perspective!


Physical nature is a multitude of layers that hold meaning and purpose. Different seasons bring change. Yet, earth itself knows that in order to perform its job as a celestial sphere in motion, it can not put too much emphasis on whether the seasons are doing their job, it trusts the flow, and it has too.

For the earth too must go through difficult times, these difficult times are called pole shifts. Pole shifts cause disorder and chaos in earth’s electromagnetic field. This takes place to mark a new cycle of life, and disorder is necessary for the old to collapse and the new to take hold. 

Yes, the earth too can have its world flipped upside down just like human life can. The energetic signature between human and earth is similar.

When humans connect with physical nature, it is a reminder and a practice to match at earth’s frequency. For humans wish to gain the same mastery of nature. Mastery lies in the practice of shadow work and trusting one’s own intuition. Therefore, the more people know and understand their own inner nature, the balance between earth and mankind can be restored. 

Blessed Be!


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