Having yourself a psychic surgery is no joke. These 2 major tips on how to remember psychic surgeries can make these experiences more enjoyable. These intense healing experiences are performed by light beings from a different world. These light beings are from a different dimension all together. However, their essence is a part of us, and when they perform these healings on us, it’s like we are healing ourselves from a different point in space time.

They happen more often than you can imagine and the main reason people don’t know much about this is because they are made to forget. These intense healing moments are never done against one’s will. Either consciously or unconsciously, we ask for this healing.

Do you want tips on how to remember these psychic surgeries?

Before we get into the tips, I want to explain why you would even want to remember. The whole human experience is based on forgetting who we are so that we can learn and grow from the lessons we choose for ourselves before coming into the body. However, I’ve noticed that the more awareness one has on the truth behind their divine self, the more they are able to cut karmic loops with love and compassion. I can see that the more people are less afraid to learn, an energy of expansion takes place.

Opening the discussion for psychic surgeries can bring more awareness to a topic that some people have only feared and locked away in the back of their mind. These experiences can be intense whether or not you are aware of them taking place.

For example, you can be driving a car and suddenly you can feel an intense heat or pressured energy centering somewhere on the body, and sometimes you can even hear voices trying to calm you down or sooth you. The pain is minimal because of their technology. However, the intense part is the disorientation of knowing you are driving a car and you are still somewhere else. The driving is not compromised or whatever one would be doing in the physical body at the time. For the most part it is the spirit that is taken out. This is what explains the sensation of being there and also somewhere else.

Usually, one does not remember where they are taken or that they were taken at all. However, there are ways to remember all by yourself. You don’t need a self regression to get some information on how and why you were taken in for healing.

Tip #1

The moment you are aware this intense energy is taking place, find a relaxing spot to sit and lay down immediately. Once you feel the presence of the beings around you, tell them you want to remember. And don’t be polite about it, they will insist for you to forget. However, they only insist for your well-being and not because they are doing something that they want to hide. Don’t be afraid to want to remember, they will help you forget if it gets too uncomfortable.

Tip #2

Now, after the experience is over, go find a journal and write as much as you can about what you remember. Go into the details of how you felt in the beginning while is started to happen and then continue with any details of things you saw, or places you remember seeing while having that out of body experience. At the end of writing about it, make a comment about how glad you are to have remembered anything at all. It’s important to find moments of gratitude when having these experiences. Conditioning our mind to welcome these experiences can lead us to remember more and enjoy the growth pains of releasing karmic patterns.

The human experience is a healing and growing journey. Our human experience is a part of a bigger puzzle that will bring our existence to a completely new awareness. Therefore the healing of karmic patterns is necessary for one’s self to be integrated with all. Maybe one day as more people become aware and understand the dimensions of existence inside and outside of themselves, we will see a world that integrates all beings at a galactic level.  


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